Monday, September 1, 2014

It's been 2 weeks.....

I haven't updated in 2 weeks.  Let's begin with Monday August 25th.  We asked how Elder Burnside was doing as he had had some disappointment the pr

We did get reenergized, and were out working hard again. We have had no contact with Mark, but there are a couple members that are trying to stay in contact with him now. I got the package, and will return the recorder soon. The mission president said that we will have IPads by the end of the year, and we will have to pay 400 dollars for them is what I have heard. We got to the temple 4 times a year, but they last went right before I arrived, so it will be a couple more months until we go again.
Monday we just hung out at the church during the rest of our preparation day. Then we had a meeting with bishop and the ward mission leader about how we could get the ward more involved with missionary work. We decided to start having missionary moments shared in church like during opening exercises, and just basically have missionary related announcements each week.
Tuesday I had my second new missionary training. We discussed how we could plan better, importance of being exactly obedient, and driving safety. Our mission president says that a training is only successful if you change something because of it. We decided to start trying to plan things that are in the same area to reduce the amount of time in the car, and we have been able to talk to a lot more people because of it. WE then went and did some service for a member by installing some security cameras for him, and that was a lot of fun. We then spent the rest of the day inviting investigators to our ward luau party, visiting lees- actives to invite them, and visiting member to have them invite friends to the luau. We spent the next couple days doing the same thing pretty much.
On Friday we met a guy named Hyrum who said he was not a member but that the rest of his family is, we are pretty sure he is a less active. He was excited to see us, and wants us to come by for dinner sometime when he is not busy. He said that he is CEO or something like that for a local brewery so he is busy most days. hopefully we can meet with him soon, he sounded like he would be open to coming back to church.
Saturday we did helped Bro.Goodall and Yvonne continue with their landscaping, but we didn't take any photos, sorry. Then we went and helped set up for the Luau party, both the English and the Spanish ward were going so we were hoping for a big turnout. A Polynesian family in the ward was hosting it, and it ended up being a lot of fun. They had two whole pigs with the apple in their mouth and everything. We were expecting about 15-20 non-members to come, and then we would take them on a church tour afterwards. But almost everybody canceled on us at the last second, and we only had two investigators show up, and the other set of elders had 3. We still had a good time, our investigators really enjoyed it. I met I met and talked to Sister Ethier there, and she said that she would get my jersey signed, and it was just in time to because she was heading back to Arizona after church because there kids were starting school there. After the party we took our investigators, who were Mark (the one with the Jewish background) and his girlfriend Tatiana who is from Macedonia. They enjoyed the church tour, and said that they would come to church whenever he got work off on Sunday, so that was exciting.
Sunday I got my signed jersey back!! And she said that she would try to get Andre to send us some signed baseballs!! Church was cool, we had one nonmember come to church. His name is Imran, he is from India, and is apparently a huge rock star in south east Asia, and is trying to get more popular here in America. His story was pretty crazy, he used to party and do drugs with a bunch of celebrities, one that he mentioned was Nicki Manoj, but then exactly 4 weeks before he came to church Steven Tyler told him that he needed to get sober and come closer to God. So he just stopped doing drugs right there, and he said he felt something, which he pretty much described as the Holy Ghost. Then last week he was walking in Japan and happened to stop by the temple, and he said that he had that same feeling but a lot stronger, and it was way better and stronger than any drug that he had ever taken. He said that he felt it again at church and now he wants to learn more, so that was a really cool experience.
Have fun in San Diego, I love you all!
Elder Burnside

And Dallon sent pictures!!!  Of course they are of his jersey that he gave to Sister Ethier who got her husband (Los Angeles Dodger outfielder Andre Either) to sign.  That was his exciting news of the week.

 But he did have some more to say.

It was pretty exciting to get my jersey signed, that would be super cool if I met him, but I don't think that it will happen. I do remember the Luau from Hawaii, and this one was similar, I think they did a couple of the same dances. Thomas did email me yesterday, he is doing very well, and is trying to share the gospel with his friends! That is a good scripture, we too often forget that, and want some big manifestation of God or Jesus Christ, but the most powerful experiances we have come from those peace of mind situations. We should remember that Laman and Lemuel saw angels, yet they still didn't have faith.
I love you too
Elder Burnside

Transfers are next tuesday, I probably will stay here but there is a chance that Elder Taylor will get moved because he has been in the Hollywood ward for 5 transfers, I think that he will stay but we will see.

Dallon also sent pictures from their ward luau activity, and one from the front of the church....

Now onto Monday September 1st.  Dallon is staying in Hollywood at least a while longer.  He did not send any pictures but did have some things to say...

Hey everybody, looks like you had a good time in San Diego this weekend. Thanks for the pictures, I almost forgot what you all looked like... just kidding. The pictures were really cool though. We still haven't talked to Mark yet.Imran who showed up to church last week has progressed very well. He has been reading the Book of Mormon everyday, and takes it everywhere with him. He came to church again this week and we taught him the restoration. At the end of the lesson we tried to commit him to baptism; he said that he knows that everything we told him was true but that he is not ready to commit to baptism because of his position as a rock star and part of a family that is very high up in the Indian government. He said that he would pray about baptism though, so I think we will actually have at least one baptism this transfer!
Our other investigator who could get baptized this transfer is named Annette. She is an older woman that was a referral from We met her on Thursday and than came back Friday to give her a blessing and teach a little bit of the restoration. Annette has some physical disabilities due to a minor stroke she had in the past. She enjoyed the restoration pamphlet we gave her, and was excited to come to church. She was only able to stay for the sacrament meeting but she really enjoyed it.
On Monday we taught an investigator named Bree and her family. She is a single mom with 4 kids, and she plays music for other christian churches. She has been top bible school, so it will be interesting to see hope our teaching goes. We didn't actually have time to teach any of the lessons, so we just got to know them and told them the story of the stripling warriors and their faith. Which she said really applied to them, because they have been having some problems lately that have been testing her faith.She seems to be pretty open to the gospel, she accepted the Book of Mormon we gave her, but she is really busy and it is hard to get a hold of her.
This week was transfers week and we got called last night to see if we are staying or leaving. After much prayer and fasting we are both staying in Hollywood! Elder Johnson who is the bigger elder in the other companionship is going back to American Sign Language, and taking his place will be elder Ward. One of our zone leaders got transferred to Santa Monica, but I don't know who is taking his place.
This weekend was fun, as Saturday was Elder Taylor's 20th birthday. A member took us to Buffalo Wild Wings to celebrate on Saturday because that is one of Elder Taylor's favorite places to eat. That was really good, and a lot of fun.On Sunday the Fe-esgao family, which is the Polynesian family that was in charge of the luau, had us over for dinner. They made some good barbecue chicken and then cake and ice cream afterwords. The members here are all really cool and nice.
Overall it has been a really solid week.

It is ok, you don't have to find any pictures. We had plenty to eat at the Fe-esago's home, you are right they do eat a lot. I did get the box, thank you. The pillow and blanket is plenty. Make sure you enjoy the heat, as it won't be in Los Alamos much longer. I love you too.

First we all know that Stevan is the only buttmunch around here. I actually just got my haircut today by a less active named David. His brother is the mission president in Las Vegas. His Brother is also married to Neal Maxwell's daughter. David is really cool and does a really good job. He did the hair for the celebrities at the Emmy awards and also does it at most other award shows. My hair looks different in the pictures you have seen lately because Elder Taylor has gotten me to start styling it with gel.

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