Saturday, April 11, 2015

New Companion

Dallon got a new companion this last week, so we finally have some pictures.  Dallon's companion is on the left (Elder Shepphard).  The center elder was going home that day to New Zealand.

Dallon's letter

Sorry my letter is later than normal! Elder Shepherd had to practice
for some missionary musical thing they will be doing at the visitors
center. Life is going quite well! Elder Shepherd is from Sandy, Utah.
He has been out for 20 months now, so he is almost done! Our mission
is also dropping in numbers we have gone form 270 when I came out to
like 220 now. Sounds like everyone is having fun, I hope you know how
to cheat a lie detector! haha. We had a pretty dang good week full of
Our first day we found three new investigators, which is usually a
weeks worth, so that was really awesome. We also got got the
information for over 25 potential investigators this week, usually we
get like 10 in a week. We already have close to 10 set appointments
with potential investigators next week. So we should get a ton of new
investigators! We are seeing so many miracles! We had a referral call
us back and leave the coolest voice mail I have ever heard. He
apologized for taking so long to get back to us, and then went on to
tell us how he wanted a Mormon bible that had footnotes
cross-referencing the Book of Mormon, so he could go more in depth
with his studies. He had already read the Book of Mormon. He really
wanted to talk with us, and at the end he just bore his testimony
about Jesus Christ being his personal Lord and Savior. It was
jaw-dropping! When we called him back, it turned out he has moved out
of our area so we had to refer him :( But it was a super cool
Wednesday we took Elder Singh-Sahota around with us while he waited
for his plane back to New Zealand. He was really cool and lots of fun.
We finally got to have a lesson with our recent convert Nandy, she is
always out of town. We had a super good lesson about the the
restoration. She shared her experience about why she converted which
was super cool. While she was investigating she was having a lot of
trouble believing in the first vision. But then one night she had a
dream about it, and when she woke up she felt the Holy Ghost so
strongly that right there she told her husband she wanted to be
baptized. It was really cool!
Friday we took Ron to the visitors center, and had a really cool
lesson about faith. We read the talk by Elder Holland with him called
"I Believe" and we read some scriptures in Ether 12. We talked about
how since he is praying, he is showing faith and that he has more
faith than he thinks. By continuing to keep the commitments we give
him, he will continue to grow in faith. So we committed him to pray
for faith, and to continue reading the Book of Mormon. I think he is
getting pretty close to baptism, hopefully he will accept soon!
Conference was amazing! Lots and lots of really good talks! I really
liked President Uchtdorf's talk about grace Sunday Morning. Speaking
of which, it was a bit crazy, so we went to the church to watch, than
right as President Monson was about to speak we got a call from the
Visitors Center saying Ron was looking for us. So we told him to stay
there and watch, and so we sprinted a couple hundred yards to the
visitors center so we wouldn't miss to much of President Monson's
talk. It took me his whole talk to catch my breath lol. Then of course
the internet messed up at the beginning of Elder Hollands talk, so we
missed it and Ron decided to leave. So that was no fun. Then we got to
eat 2 Easter dinners, I was so stuffed! haha. That was my week, I hope
you all have a great week. I love you!!
Elder Burnside
P.S. The pictures go left to right: Elder Shepherd, Elder Singh-Sahota, me

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  1. I just saw Elder Burnside tonight at the fireside. He looks great and it was so fun to see him. We miss him so much in our ward. He is such an amazing missionary. So humble and hard working. He has a great spirit about him.