Monday, June 13, 2016

April 4th and 11th Letters

Let's start with the April 4th letter.  Included are zone pictures

and the letter

Sounds like you all had a good little vacation, I am glad everything went well. I am sure you all will have fun with the baby shower. Yeah conference was great! Lots of super good talks. It was a little bit of a pain because we had a lot of technical difficulties, but I still really enjoyed it. President Uchtdorf is always my favorite, I really enjoyed his talk. I liked a lot of the talks about remembering our divine potential, and how we should use that when making decisions and that kind of thing. Our week was a little rough at first, but finished great.
So in Wednesday morning we were walking around between potential investigators and we see Timothy, so we walk over there to talk to him. And he just didn't seem right, he wasn't excited to see us :/ so we started talking to him, and something happened, cause he was not the same person we met. He just started going off about how if he had been baptized it would have opened the gates of hell and released Satan. It was crazy, I think drugs played a part in that :( so it was pretty sad.
Then later we found out that our super cool and very sincere investigator John was in jail... So he wasn't able to meet us haha.
But then towards the end of the week we had a couple super cool miracles. The elders over on LA had a family of 3 that they were teaching that had baptismal dates move into our area. They came to general conference and that was okay, they have a lot of potential, but they want to go back to LA. But we are meeting with them this week and will hopefully be able to get baptized soon.
Then halfway through the Sunday morning session a less active member showed up with 2 random nonmembers who want to be baptized! They told us they love this church because they have been before, and that they are willing to do whatever it takes to get baptized! It was super cool! Our whole lesson they just talked about how much they want to get baptized, so we are stoked for them! They have dates for April 17th! They are super cool! The Lord is really blessing us so much!
I love you guys!! I hope you have a great week, and I will talk to you later!!
Elder Burnside

and the April 11th Letter  which starts with some pictures of their district at the temple.

And the letter

I am glad you all had a good week. Sounds like you all had a really fun week. I am glad everyone enjoyed the baby shower and that the baby got a bit spoiled. Sounds like you all had fun with the Illums. Lol it's funny just the other day I was talking with one of the other Elders that I have become friends with about maybe bringing a dirt bike to Idaho to go dirt biking with him haha. Our week was pretty good too.
We had our temple day this week. That was nice. That is like one of things I always look forward to the most. The spirit there is so strong, and it really stays with you through out the rest of the week too. So that was cool. And then the next day we went to do baptisms for the dead with a recent convert named Ira. Who by the way is from Taos, so that is cool. I got to do confirmations there, and that was a lot of fun. He really enjoyed that.  
We had a couple lessons with Tanika, Tori, and Kaliyah. They are a cool family that is getting baptized on Sunday. They are a referral we got from some other elders. They asked us about some Mormon rumors they heard, and then after we gave them an answer one of them said, " OK cool, but it doesn't matter anyway, because I prayed and God told
me this church is true so it doesn't matter what anybody says" So they are super prepared. WE took them to the Visitors Center too, and they loved it. The two girls were asking a bunch of questions about missions, because they want to go on one after they are baptized! They are a super cool miracle.
But otherwise that is pretty much our week. I love you guys and hope you have a great week!!
Elder Burnside

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