Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Elder Burnside is being transferred

Start off with a short video that was emailed to us by a member

It was nice to see him and his companion (the blond guy).  We also got a letter announcing his first transfer to the westwood/beverly hills area.  Hopefully we'll know more soon about the area.  Looking at lds.org he is probably in either Westwood 1st ward or Westwood 2nd ward.  His letter is as follows:

Hey everybody! So I get 140 dollars a month as long as I don't have any fines. We usually just drive the car until we run out of miles, we have 800 miles per month. The other companionship was ELder Spencer and his trainee Elder Pierce, they are the other companionship in our tiny district. They are hilarious, we talk with them all the time. We are allowed to Skype on Christmas, as long as we find a family that will let us use there account, which shouldn't be a problem.
This week was pretty good. On Monday we found a new investigator while street contacting, his name is Marvin. His situation is interesting... he is gay and lives with his partner and two kids, so that will be an interesting situation to handle. But he really wants to learn about Jesus, and we will try to meet with him this next week.
This week we also made a big focus on making a list of all part member families both active and less active, and meeting all of them, because 52 percent of part member families end up getting baptized. One family we met, the Pittells, the wife was less active and the husband and their three kids are all non-members. The oldest kid seemed pretty interested, and the whole family was open to us coming back, so we are going to visit them this week.
On Thursday we had temple day so I got to go through the Los Angeles temple for the first time. That was a really cool experience. That temple is HUGE, and is is extremely beautiful. Then on Friday Elder Ward got to go to the temple again because he goes home at the end of December, so I went on exchanges with Elder Edwards who is a zone leader of the zone next to ours. He is also the missionary who trained my trainer Elder Taylor. It was fun talking to him and teaching with him, he is a very good teacher.
Saturday we went with the Ward to invite less actives to the ward thanksgiving dinner, the ward as a whole tried to go visit 100 less actives. All the missionaries went on splits with members, and I went with a recently returned missionary named Mosiah. It was cool to compared missions, and also learn from his approach to talking to people, since he had just finished doing it for two years. We got 1 person to answer there door, and he seemed interested enough to come, but he also wasn't exactly excited to see a missionary. We left 3 notes, and found out that 1 person moved, over all the ward left 25 notes found that 15 people had moved, and invited 5 people through a face to face conversation. SO that results weren't to bad, 2 new investigators were also found. After that we went and helped a member move, and he couldn't find parking close to his new apartment complex, so we had to carry his stuff for what seemed like forever haha, but it was fun. We also visited a referral named Anna, she is super interested we brought her a book of Mormon, and she said she planned on reading it cover to cover, and was overall really interested, so we will visit her next week, as she is a very promising investigator.
Sunday was good until the end of the day. Because I will not be visiting any of our investigators as I am getting transferred tomorrow.I am going to Westwood, which is in Beverly Hills, which is pretty cool to go to Beverly Hills, but I wasn't ready to leave Hollywood. I love the people here, Dana and Alfred are my favorites! But I guess it is time to move on.My new companion will be Elder Provost who was trained by my current companion Elder Ward. I will talk to you all from Beverly Hills next week, have a good week, I love and miss you all!!
Elder Burnside

He also sent another note to his Mom.

> Hey Mom, so I am getting transferred to Westwood tomorrow, which is in
>>> Beverly Hills. I love the people here in Hollywood and wasn't ready to
>>> leave, but Beverly HIlls will be fun. We just found a couple promising new
>>> investigators this week too. The letters have been shorter because we
>>> haven't really had any one to work with, but they were going to start
>>> getting longer again. I am keeping a journal, and I found a journal in the
>>> apartment that I am going to have people write in for me. Sounds like
>>> everything is going well, I hope you all are having a good time. I love you
>>> too!!
>>> love
>>> Elder Burnside

> Ya I was surprised by the transfer too, I had almost forgot it was transfer
> week. My new companion will be Elder Provost, he was trained by my current
> companion Elder Ward so that is pretty funny. Yeah I will miss Dana and
> Alfred they have made a big impact on me at this point in my mission. I am
> already mostly packed, only a little bit left. Love you!!
Oh and about that list that the president sent to you for Christmas,
we can get all that stuff at the 99 cent stores, so you can send
whatever you want, as long as it isn't absolutely huge haha. All the
missionaries were kind of frustrated when we saw that list haha. Just
wanted to let you know, I love you lots!!

Elder Burnside

That's it for this week

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