Monday, November 24, 2014

1st week in Westwood

Dallon just finished his first week in Westwood 2nd ward which covers part of Westwood and part of Beverly Hills.  He sent some pictures from his previous area of investigators and 1 picture of a street in his new area.

I told him he needs to do street contacts along Burnside Avenue.  Anyway here is his letter:

The first week with Elder Provost was really good. He is from Utah and
loves rodeo and baseball, which of course we can relate about. He has
taught me how to rope at night on his roping dummy that he has, it is
a lot of fun. We cover the Westwood 2nd Ward. Our are goes from
Fairfax to the 405, and from Santa Monica down to the 10. A large
portion of our area is the Jewish Community, so that provides a little
bit of a challenge. Most of the week was spent just taking me around
and introducing me to the people that we are working with, both
members and non members. There is a family with a Single mom and three
kids we are working with. The mom and the 9 year old son (Lubia and
Gavinn) set baptismal dates for January 10 right before I got here.
So now we are working on involving her 15 year old son Zaine and
trying to move up their baptisms. We also work with a less-active
named Lucas, he is super cool. He went to church for the first time in
17 years the Sunday before I got here. he is an artist, and also does
stuff for movies, he helped work on the new transformers. My first day
here on Tuesday I was asked to prepare a talk. It went well, we are
getting kicked out of the visitors center and are being told to return
back to our apartments for the rest of day because of supreme court
case in Missouri talk to you next week I love you all!!! Sorry this
had to be short!
Elder Burnside
His companion is from Wallsburg, UT and he got back on the computer and sent the pictures:

The ruling actually isn't supposed to be released until later this
afternoon, so I have a little more time so here are some pictures.
They are of me Elder Ward and Dana, me and Alfred, and a street in my
new area.

Elder Burnside

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