Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

We sent Elder Burnside a picture of our lights for Christmas that we did just after Thanksgiving

He sent the following reply, I had asked where his apartment is so I could mark it on the map we are keeping for him.  I XXX'ed it out.

We enjoyed thanksgiving we went with our ward mission leader to one
thanksgiving party for lunch, and then another family brought us a
bunch of food for dinner, so we ate very well! Our apartment is on
XXXXX, which is near Fairfax and Pico. Sadly we couldn't
participate in any turkey bowl, I tried to get Jeremy to go to it, but
I guess he had work. You did a good job putting up the lights. I had
talked up our light system, and it lived up to the expectations haha.
Monday there was a fear of riots because of the Ferguson supreme court
case, so we had to stay inside. At one point we counted 10 helicopters
around our apartment it was a little bit crazy, but not to bad.
We spent the rest of this week working with Richard, Lucas, and Lubia
and her family. RIchard is a less- active that has started coming to
church the past couple weeks, and even bringing his less-active
grandma. We go over there once a week to read the Book of Mormon, and
this week we read 2 Nephi 9, and we talked about how great the
atonement is and how it truly is infinite and can cover any mistake
that we will make in this life. Then this week we are going to go and
help him put up some Christmas lights, so that should be fun!
We went over to Lucas and Ivette's house for dinner. They love the
missionaries! Ivette is active, and Lucas came to church for the first
time in 17 years right before I got here, so we just talked about the
spirit that he felt at church, and he said he really enjoyed church,
and will come again when he gets the chance. He has to work a lot on
Sundays, but we were excited to heard that. He talked about how he
really liked how a lot of people came up to him and introduced
themselves and talked and were very friendly with him. Fellowship is
very important, a lot of times that is what gets people to church, and
then the spirit is what keeps them there.
We went and taught Lubia and her family the restoration again. We
watched the old restoration video, and a video about the restoration
of the priesthood. It was good, her two older kids were there and they
both enjoyed the video. We mostly focused on how important the
priesthood authority from God is, and how that is needed for baptism
and other ordinances. her and her 9 year old son, are pretty solid for
baptism. We are just having trouble getting her 15 year old son Zayne
involved. We got him to go on a hike with the Young men on Saturday
that he liked, and then we also got him in on the lesson so that was
great. But then on Sunday, Lubia left all her kids at home, because
they had a friend over. Otherwise everything seems to be progressing
with them.
Yesterday while we were out and about talking about the "He is the
Gift" campaign we met a guy named Rudy. He is married and has a son.
He isn't super religious, but was very interested about the Book of
Mormon, and what we believe overall. We had a good conversation about
the atonement and the Book of Mormon, and he agreed to meet with us on
Tuesday, so hopefully that goes well! That was about all for our week,
I hope you all have a great week. I love and miss you all!!!
Elder Burnside

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