Sunday, January 25, 2015

January 19th

We got an email on the 19th

I am glad to hear all is going well, the raise is great news! I am
pretty sure that everything is well because of blessings not because
I am gone haha. I don't think Homework is the strong suit for anybody
in our family haha. The biggest change I have made... that is a tough
question. I have only been out for 6 months, so I have a lot more
changing that will happen but I think one big change is studying. I am
studying for the first time in my life haha, that will be a good trait
to take to college. I am not sure if I will study in college but at
least I know how to now lol. Our week was good, a little slow but not
a bad week.
We went and taught Lubia about the temple and family history work
Tuesday, it went really well and got her very excited for the temple.
We then ghetto-rigged a towel rack onto her wall haha. We needed a
drill, but didn't have one so we mad holes in the wall with
screwdrivers and finally managed to get it on. It wiggles a bit but
not too bad considering how we did it haha. Lubia then went to the
temple the next day and absolutely loved it! She told us she would go
everyday if she could. She says once she gets a car, she will go all
the time. Now she is going to start getting a bunch of family names
for the next time she goes to the temple. Lubia is such an amazing
convert and is so strong in the gospel already, it was awesome to see
the change that the spirit brought to her and now her family. WE went
over again on Saturday to start the new member lessons with her and
Gavinn, and also included the uncle Lloyd in on it. It was an awesome
lesson, becuase we pretty much just asked questions and then both
Lubia and Gavinn basically taught the Restoration and bore testimony
to Lloyd. They have such amazing testimonies for only having been
baptized for a week, especially Gavinn; he understands and has a
powerful testimony of the Restoration even though he is only nine.
We found another less-active that we are going to start working with
this week. Her name is Christy, she is in her mid 30s and has an 11
year old son named James, and a 3 year old daughter named Roan. She
only moved here 2 months ago after going through a divorce, and was
very active in the church until the beginning of her divorce process.
Really the only thing keeping her from coming to church is that she is
managing three apartment buildings and has to work on Sundays. So we
feel that with a little bit of a push she will find a way to get to
church. We took Franco to watch Meet the Mormons at the visitors
center. He loved the movie, and even though he wouldn't commit to
quite come to church yet, he wants to continue to meet with us, and
will probably come to church in the next couple weeks. So he is
progressing. We met with Lucas again yesterday, and got the bad news
that he is going to be working even more over the next couple moths :(
He is super cool, and we are determined to get him to church, so we
know that he will be able to start coming every week soon enough.
That was basically our week, we had a bunch of cancelled appointments
so there wasn't too much to write about. Next week will hopefully be
packed full of missionary work. I wish everybody the best, and love
and miss you!!!
Elder Burnside

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