Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Another week in January

Elder Burnside sent the following letter on January 26th.  He was responding to a couple emails we sent where we asked if they did tithing settlement amongst the missionaries at all.  I miss the emails that have pictures attached.

Well I barely managed to get through the second email without getting
too bored haha just kidding. I am glad to hear that all is going well.
It is pretty warm over here, it has hit the 80s the past couple days.
Missionaries do not pay any tithing. We haven't really been doing much
service, we haven't really found any since I have been here. Although
we do quite a bit of temple service. Which usually consists of moving
beds and couches out of the patron apartments, and moving new ones in.
Katie is driving?!?! I don't even feel safe in L.A. let alone Pheonix!
lol haha just kidding. You can let Aaron know that it is a lot better
to just do your homework than go to Saturday school, you only go to
Saturday school if you have more than a dozen assignments to make
up... I would know haha. Also tell Aaron to google Bible approved
dance moves for the next stake dance, it has got some pretty funny
moves for him to try. Well our week has been interesting to say the
Lubia went a bit crazy this week, so we didn't meet with her. She has
been having a lot of stress, and it all just kind of exploded when
nobody showed up to pick up Gavinn for cub scouts. She suddenly went
crazy and texted everyone that she know longer wanted anything to do
with the church and that she was going to change her phone number. The
bishop and Ward mission leader were able to meet with her and calm her
down, and she was back to church on Sunday and everything is normal
Tuesday we taught the Plan of Salvation to our baptismal date, Lou. It
went super well, he is really smart and just absorbs everything we
teach. So everything was looking great for his baptism until Sunday.
He had said he was going to come to church, but then he didn't show
up. So we asked his neighbor Richard who is his neighbor and a recent
convert that has been helping us teach him, and Richard told us that
Lou's partner got back in town Saturday night. It turns out that Lou
is gay and has been living with his partner for the past 10 years. So
that puts a slight bump in our plans for him.
Sunday a man that we got a referral for named Rod came to church. He
is a 75 year old Filipino, his wife died a couple mo nths ago so he
moved to L.A. to live with his son. We fellow shipped him with another
Filipino man in the ward, and they just hit it off, so after an hour
they were already like best friends. We then taught Rod the Plan of
Salvation after church, since his wife just died, and he really liked
it. He said he even wants to get baptized into the church, but he has
to talk to his son about it first. But he is looking like a super
solid investigator.
We met with Franco and Lucas this week too. Lucas is just soo busy
with work, he actually got this Sunday off, but he is behind in
painting a portrait for Johnny Depp's mother, so he had to work on
that instead of coming to church :( We met with Franco, and committed
him to start reading his scriptures everyday, and to pray. Coming to
church is a big step for him, but we think it may happen soon!
That was pretty much our week, not the best week, but not too bad
either. I hope you all are doing well, I love and miss you all!!!
Elder Burnside

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