Thursday, May 19, 2016

Beginning of March

March 7 Letter: (Dallon confirmed his release date has been changed from July 6 to July 13):

I am glad you all are doing well. I am glad Aaron is doing good. Sounds like you all had a good week. Yeah I heard that my date had been moved back a couple weeks ago, but every time I emailed I forgotto tell you haha :)
My new area is pretty cool, definitely more ghetto than the rest of my areas. We don't actually live in our area because it is too ghetto.  Our apartment is on Cordary Avenue in Hawthorne. But our area from west to east is the 110 to Alameda, and north south is Manchester to Imperial. We cover the SouthWest LA branch, and they meet at one of
the tiniest church buildings on San Pedro and 107th. It is just a tiny chapel and 3 class rooms, it is really small. My companion is Elder Pearson. He is from Jackson, Tennessee. He is really cool. He has been out for 5 months and works really hard so I like him.
We had a good week. This area has lot of humble people who are prepared to hear the gospel. We talked to this one lady named Sammisha, and she was pretty. Ghetto so we didn't think too much of her but we went back for our appointment. And she has a massive family that was all pretty interested in our message. We set dates with them for April 3rd! They didn't quite understand everything but they wanted to be baptized. And there is a guy there that is really interested named Timothy, he is a gangsta dude and is pretty funny. We went back and he had read and really liked it, everybody else is just kind of lukewarm right now. We watched the restoration movie with them and they liked it. While we were watching one of the ifs said, " I thought this was a movie, I didn't know it was a real story!" So that was really cool.
We also set a date for March 27th with a guy named Remey. His wife got baptized last Sunday. He is cool but he is super shy. He didn't want to be baptized because he didn't want to be "the center of attention". But he is doing good.
But yeah this area is great. We have a bunch of other people that we are teaching, and everybody is very open to us. So we are having great success! It is also amusing to just see how ghetto some of these people are, it's pretty funny haha. Well I hope you have a great week!
Love you!!
Elder Burnside

March 14 Letter:  (They got soaked by the rain and had a mini-mission companion)

Glad to hear you all had a good week. That is cool about the missioncalls, and cool about Janelle and Gabe. When would they come to White Rock? I am sure you guys are very excited for that. So Watts is fun I am enjoying it. The people all just make me laugh because they just fit like how you would picture the ghetto. We have had plenty of
experiences with super drunk people in like the middle of the afternoon. We teach this guy named Timothy who is pretty cool, I really like him actually. But he acts like such a gangsta, and when he prays it is so funny. He just talks ion his gangsta language to God
like' "man you know what Im saying" and all that kind of stuff. So I like this area, especially because everyone is humble and we have lots of people to teach! The branch is super small, just a tiny chapel with like 6 or 7 rows and like 2 classrooms. So it is interesting. I have already seen it tagged once. We were suppose to have a baptism next Sunday for a girl named Itzia who is really cool, but we are hitting a major road bump called the U.S. judicial system lol. So she is a senior in high-schools as is her 17 year old member boyfriend. He got her pregnant a couple months ago, so her parents kicked her out and the only place she had to go was her boyfriends family. She really
wants to be baptized, but they are cohabiting since that is her only option. So the only way for her to get baptized is to marry them. But he is only 17, and the courts are giving us a lot of problems getting the marriage licence. We tried Friday, and then they told us we had to go to court. So we spent two hours at the court this morning just for
them to tell us that they don't do that stuff and we had to go to a different court :/ UGGHHH So yeah I have had enough court to hold me over for a while and now I am not exactly fond of the U.S. courts haha.
We are also teaching a guy named Rammy. His wife got baptized the Sunday before I got here, and he is really cool but super shy. He says he doesn't want to be baptized until he has read the whole Book of Mormon, so we really talked about getting a witness from the Holy Ghost. We read 2 Nephi 31 with him about baptism, and then the parable of the seed in Alma 32. We told him how he won;t have a perfect knowledge, but he can know that he is feeling the spirit and that this is good. So that helped, he has a date for March 27th. I definitely think he will be baptized, just maybe not that soon, still got a little ways to go.
But yeah other than that we have just had a lot of referrals that we have had one lesson with, but will meet with again this week. They seem pretty good, so we are excited. We are doing great, the area is going super good here, tons of teaching so I love it! I love you guys too and hope you have a great week!
Elder Burnside

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