Thursday, May 19, 2016

Way too Far behind; February Posts

February 22 Letter:  The Elders were getting caught in the El Nino rains

Cool I am glad you got it. Yeah I want to go there and room with Joe Lee, as well as Kaleb Rickman, and Howard Saavedra. But those two haven't gotten their tracks yet.
I do want to retake the Calculus 3 class, but as for the other classes I have no idea. I am glad you had a good week, even if it may have been a bit busy. We had a pretty good week ourselves.
We had a super cool tender mercy on Monday when we met Julia and Wesley. They are a divorced couple that we saw talking in their backyard that night as we walked home. It was already after 9 and they were across the yard with no gate to walk over there, so I was going to just continue going home, when I felt a distinct impression to go talk with them. So I asked if we could give them a card, and he was all like, "ok just make it quick". So we told them who we were and what we do, and they said they were going through a rough time right now, and asked if we could share a message with them right then! So we talked about the strength that comes from Jesus Christ's atonement, how they have a loving Heavenly Father, and how we have a prophet to lead us today. It was good, and so we gave them a Book of Mormon. It was really cool to see God show us who he had prepared for us.  Martha is doing great! We taught her about tithing and fast offerings, and the members with us shared cool experiences with her. So that went well, we also taught her about temples, and she is excited to go do the work for her deceased father. Who, cool side note, was a heavyweight champion boxer in Mexico. Sadly she was sick so she missed church Sunday, and we weren't able to take her to the Visitors Center, but she is doing good. She will have her interview for baptism this week, and then we will have the service on Sunday!!
Steve is still the same. Nothing has changed with him. Still coming to church every week, enjoying it all, just not able to quit smoking :/ But on Sunday we took him to the Visitors Center and we got to see a fireside by Jenna Kim Jones. She is the narrator for the movie Meet the Mormons. She talked about how living. A happy life comes from
setting and living gospel standards. It was good and pretty funny.  That has pretty much been our week, other than the other day when some born again Christians freaked out on us. We were contacting a referral, and he lived in a Christian based half way house. So the care taker guys came out and freaked out on us, and told the guy we were visiting if he took the Book of Mormon they would kick him out of the house. So that was frustrating mostly because they are hurting the guy we were visiting, who was a super cool and nice dude who is really turning his life around.
 But that was our week. I love you guys and hope you have a great week!
I will talk to you later!!
Elder Burnside

February 29th letter:  A Baptism!

Wow sounds a bit crazy but I am glad Aaron is okay. I will definitely keep him in my prayers. I am glad you enjoyed your week though. Our 0week was pretty solid, and awesome on Sunday.
It was awesome because Martha got baptized! She chose me to baptize her too! So that was super exciting because it is the first time on my mission I have actually done the ordinance. I have really enjoyed teaching Martha I have seen her change so much, the gospel really changes lives a ton! After her baptism she was the happiest I have ever seen her, just absolutely beaming with the spirit it was really cool. Especially because I couldn't get her back up out of the water :/ She slipped and In couldn't lift her up all on my own. So she fell and then I had to pick her up out of the water as she flailed around,
so it definitely would have been entertaining to watch. But would you expect anything else from me :) lol. But it was good. I will send pictures later.
We taught Steve and he was a lot more sincere. Usually he tries to avoid the topic of smoking and tells us he is doing alright when we just ask how it is going. But this time as soon as we sat down he just said guys I am really struggling. And so we talked about it, and it seems like he has finally hit that first step of repentance for smoking. He finally sincerely wants to quit and is really going to try.
We did temple service which was fun. It is crazy how much they do to really keep the temple clean and holy. And it truly is kept like the house of the Lord. We also had transfer calls last night, and so I am....... Leaving :/ I will be going to Watts! I finally truly hit the ghetto, I hear my area is the worst part but I guess I will just have
to find out. So that is a bit exciting, but I also get a car which is really exciting! Lol. My companion will be Elder Pearson, he is pretty cool and has been out for 4-5 months. I like him so it will be a lot of fun. I hear a lot of crazy stories about the branch in Watts so I am kind of excited. Well I love you and hope you guys have a great week!! I will talk to you later!

Elder Burnside

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