Wednesday, February 4, 2015

It's February

We had a brief email with Dallon for the first week in February.

Sounds like everybody had a great time with the snow! Everybody here
doesn't know what that is haha. I just have to say why are the
Seahawks not running on second and goal from the 1?!?! Well that
sucks, but whatever I got more important things to focus on. Some one
better keep record of this because it probably won't happen again, but
I did just say that there are more important things than football
haha. Funny you mention street contacting because that was most of our
week haha. We have several different areas we use if we are not trying
to visit anyone. We just try to go wherever there is the most people,
so we use Wishire, and Berverly dr. a lot because there are always
people there. Our mornings go: Wake up at 6:30. Try to exercise until
7, try being the key word lol just kidding. Than we shower get ready
and eat breakfast. At 8 we begin an hour of personal study of the
scriputres or preach my gospel. Than at 9 we have companionship study
where we plan out our lessons we are going to have that day. AT 10
Elder Ching does Language study, he studies Tongan because he was in
the Tongan program for part of his mission. We also tidy up the
apartment a little bit. Than at 11 we eat lunch, and then leave the
apartment at 12 to proselyte.
Most of this week was just contacting people since most of the people
we work with were busy. We were able to teach Lubia the Plan of
Salvation again which went really well. Her and Gavinn our super solid
in the Gospel! We are starting to get Zainn involved too! We got him
with the Young Mens, and they are all going to start playing
basketball every week before mutual. Zainn loves basketball, and
really all he needs is some friends in the church before he gets
baptized. We are going to see if we can get permission to play with
them because Zainn is busy every Monday so he can't play with us on
P-day. We also got to do some service for Lubia! she had about 6 big
boxes of extra books, so we went through them and took all the ones
she didn't want and took them to the library, and sometime we are
going to go over there to help her paint her apartment. We also met
with Lucas and talked a bit about prayer, and he has actually been
praying on his own lately so that was exciting news!
We found two new investigators this week. The first one is named
Robert. We were going through and trying to visit former
investigators, so we went to visit some one named Charlie. When we
knocked on the apartment door we were told that Charlie didn't live
there, but that there was a charlie in apartment 5. So we knocked on
apartment 5, and Robert answered the door, and was interested to hear
our message. It turns out that the Charlie wasn't the one we were
looking for, but it is cool how Gods plan makes these things work out
so you find the people that need to hear the message. Robert was
raised Jehovah's Witness, and actually went door to door teaching it,
than he wondered why no one listened to what he believed to be the
truth. So he researched more into his religion and found some things
that he didn't agree with. Since then he has been "spiritual" and not
religious. Robert looks like what we call a "Bible Basher," but he
actually didn't do much of that when we taught him part of the
restoration. He really wants to read through the Book of Mormon
because he likes to learn about religions. So we are going over this
week to give him a Book of Mormon with our ward mission leader Rod. We
found another new investigator named Wayne. We were trying to visit
potential investigators, and started talking to Wayne on our way to
the next house. It turns out that he use to meet with missionaries
about a year ago. He said he would love for us to come by, so we could
talk. So that was super exciting! But that was about all that really
happened this week, we are excited to visit our new investigators next
week though! I hope you have a great week! I love and miss you all!!
Elder Burnside

I mentioned to Elder Burnside how important having friends and support is in the church.  Friends and support can carry us when our testimonies aren't strong or when we are weak.  Dallon replied

Its so true, there is a stark difference in retention between times
when the conver doesn't have a specific person to befriend and
fellowship him and when he does. And it is also interesting to see how
many people are interested in the church because of the community in
the church and how everyone is fellowshipped. They have taught us over
and over again that the main purpose behind a mission is to build
those habits and testimony so that the missionary becomes truly
converted and won't have their testimony shaken through out their
life. I love you too!

Elder Burnside

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