Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Dallon will be transferred to Gardena

May continues.  Dallon gets transferred this week to Gardena.  This is the last picture of Elder Shephard as they go to get haircuts.

I am glad you enjoyed your trip. Like mom I am not very surprised
either, early Alzheimer seems to be taking its toll haha. That is
crazy that Aaron is a priest! It makes me kind of feel old, until I
get the common comment that I look like I am 14 haha. I do miss
frisbee, it had become like my 2nd favorite sport to play behind
baseball. It is difficult to play out here because we can't be with
more than two other companionships. Rain is always fun, we got
drenched on Thursday since we weren't expecting the rain haha. It did
help us get people to open their doors for us though lol. They felt
bad for us, but you know you do whatever it takes to share the gospel
haha. I am glad to hear you are all doing well though.
So on Tuesday while we were at Pep Boys having our car worked on,
Emilio and Wendy came up and talked to us. We street contacted them a
couple weeks ago and they are super cool! They have two kids and are
just really prepared. We haven't even actually taught them yet but
they already love us. They were going to come to church Sunday but
they had an issue. They are moving into our area, but they are in
between apartments right now and are basically homeless. They were
staying at Emilio's mom's house, but got kicked out. So they had to
find a place for their kids to sleep. But they called us and just felt
so bad afterwords. So to sum it up we are excited to teach them.
Wednesday we got to teach a guy named Dwayne that we had street
contacted the day before. He is 24 married and has two kids. When we
met him on the street, and asked if we could share a card with him; he
stopped and just said "For sure, preach to me brothers!" he said we
could come back the following morning, so we did and taught him the
restoration. He accepted a baptismal date for June 20th! When we
started the lesson, he just told us that he wanted us to come over, so
that he could hear the word and then be able to give all of his
friends and family the word too! He is really cool, and we are just
starting to see the work take off! After months of hard work, we are
finally starting to see some success.
On a not so successful not we met with Ron a couple times this week
haha. He is just really stubborn, so we are probably going to stop
meeting with him. We did take him over to a members house for dinner
again, and he loved it. So he is starting to make some friends in the
church, so hopefully he will continue to come to church. But really
there isn't too much to report about him.
Sunday was pretty good. We didn't really have people come to church
but the lessons were good. Somebody in the high counsel gave a talk
about how we are all under construction, and we all just need to work
together and help each other improve. In elders quorum we had a lesson
given by a guy who is a convert of only a few years. It was about the
Book of Mormon and he was just super bold. I loved it. He talked a lot
about how we need to know the Book of Mormon, and compared it to being
on the Lakers, and the play book is the Book of Mormon. Anyway he
ended with "So get off the bench get in the game and score some points
for God. In the name of Jesus Christ amen." It was just a great bold
kick in the butt kind of lesson haha. We then went to a baptism in
Elder Shepherd's last area, and that was really good.
And of course then we had transfer calls! And I am.............
leaving. I really liked this area but I am excited for my next area
too. I will be going to Gardena. And I will be covering the Gardena
and the El Camino YSA ward. So it should be fun. I have heard there is
a lot of work there so that has me excited. My new companion will be
Elder Rickman. I don't know him, and all Elder Shepherd knows is that
he is short and looks a lot like me haha. So at least I won't have to
look straight up to see my companion anymore haha. So other than that
I don't know much about my new area or companion. So I will tell you
more next week. Have a great week I love you!! Here is a picture of me
and Elder Shepherd after getting our haircuts today!
Elder Burnside

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