Monday, June 29, 2015

One last post from May's letters Dallon is in Gardena!

I think I forgot to post these pictures.  They come from Dallon's May 25th letter.  This was his first letter since transferring to Gardena.

His letter follows

Well according to Mom it sounds like you all had a good week. Jeremy
also told me you need to update the blog. He said he reads it when he
is not having a good day and it helps him out. So apparently these
emails are actually having some form of an effect on somebody haha. So
my new companion is Elder Rickman. He is from Indiana. he has been out
for 9 months, so he came out in the group right after mine. Apparently
he looks very similar to me, but I will let you all be the judge of
Anyway I love my new area! It has tons of work! Like most of what we
do is contacting the giant list of referrals we get here. Because we
cover the YSA we get a lot of them! This past week we received 21!
That is right 21 referrals, it was mind boggling how they just kept
coming and coming. My first day here we got 12. The most I had ever
gotten in a week was 5 and we got 12 in one day. Since we are part of
YSA they do a bunch of activities too, and we always go, and people
are a lot more willing to commit to go to that than church. haha.
So a lot of the teaching pool here has gotten baptized, not a bad
problem to have haha. So we are trying to find a little bit more, but
none of our referrals ever seem to answer the door. One of the
investigators we have is named Napolean. He has been investigating for
about 6-8 months now, and if you didn't know better you would think he
has been a member for a long time. We go over and read the scriptures
with him, and he just has a very strong testimony and knows a lot
about the scriptures. The only reason he isn't baptized yet, is that
his girlfriend who he has grandchildren with refuses to marry him. But
he is actually going to leave so he can get baptized once he gets some
medical issues fixed. He is really cool though.
Then 2 of our investigators, Fito and Blanca got baptized yesterday!
They are an older Hispanic couple that has been getting the lessons
for about a month. They are super cool and super nice. They couldn't
wait to get baptized, they were so excited! Their baptism was perfect
and the spirit was super strong. For once nothing actually went wrong,
it was nice haha.
We have another 3 people who are suppose to get baptized this week,
but it doesn't look like that is going to happen. Their names are
Syliva, Laticia, and Isaiah. Sylvia is the grandma, and then Laticia
is the mom, and Isaiah is Laticia's son. They all have testimonies and
had been coming to church frequently, but then when we went over there
Wednesday they had been evicted. And now nobody can get a hold of
them, they have just dropped off the face of the Earth. So keep them
in your prayers! Hopefully they come back.
one referral that we contacted this week that we will teach is Justin.
Justin is an MMA fighter who actually trains with Anderson Silva
(which I guess is a big deal) haha. He lives in our Gardena area.. He
told us that he would come to church this week, and wants us to come
by on Saturday or Sunday. The biggest problem right now is that he is
training a ton and is super busy with that. But he looks to have
Otherwise that has been my week, just trying to get to know everybody.
one thing I realized is just how useful that board with the pictures
of all the families is at church back home. They have something very
similar at the YSA branch, were they have a lot of peoples pictures up
on it, and it is super useful for me to get to know everybody. Oh and
an update with IPads, we are having a training on them, but are not
going o get them for another "several" weeks :( I love you and hope
you have a great week!! I will send an email with pictures in a
Elder Burnside

About the Pictures: So the first two are of me and Lucas and Ivette. The third one is of
me and Ron. The fourth one is me and Elder Rickman, and the last one
is me, Elder Shepherd, and Lucas and Ivette

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