Monday, June 29, 2015

More June Letters

Dallon's June 15th Letter

So this week has been really good. On Tuesday we taught Destiny the
plan of salvation, and when we talked about baptism we talked about
some of the commandments we have to follow in order to be baptized,
like the law of chastity and the word of wisdom. She committed to
keep the commandments no problem. She is so ready for baptism and very
excited for this Sunday!
We had a couple lessons with Napoleon this week. We continued our
reading of the Isaiah chapters in the Book of Mormon. I really liked 2
Nephi 22. It is a good chapter about what the people will say in the
last days. And it talks about how the people will be declaring the
good tidings. And so that is really what we should be doing is
declaring the gospel to the whole world. We also had a lesson with
Napoleon on the apostasy. We talked a lot about the importance of the
prophet and the priesthood. We also talked a bit about personal
apostasy and how if we are only "lukewarm" in he gospel that we will
fall away. We need to be continuously nourishing our testimony or
eventually it will wither away.
On Saturday we got iPads! The stuff we are able to do with it is still
limited because we are only in the early stages of implementing iPads
in the mission. But they are useful, it is a lot lighter than carrying
all of our books around and I am able to link stuff together on the
gospel library app and do all sorts of stuff with that.
We also got to train with an MMA fighter. His name is Justin. He is
interested in coming to church, but he doesn't really want us to come
teach him. He said that he would be happy to train us for free though,
so hopefully we will be able to fellowship him and then slowly start
to teach him. It was pretty cool, but I have no idea what I am doing
when it comes to fighting haha. I just hope that all the training
will be able to help me lose all this weight lol.
On Sunday we had two friends of the 1st counselor in the bishopric
come to church. He had given them a Book of Mormon and invited them to
church. So hey came and enjoyed it. Their names are Kenneth and
Beverly and they are engaged. So we are going to try to meet with them
this week. He only problem is he works nights and she works during the
day so heir schedules are really busy. So we had a pretty good week. I
hope you guys have a great week! I love you!!!
Elder Burnside

After I replied Dallon PS'd
Those pictures are pretty cool! I would not say that the parent fishare the best looking fish haha just kidding. I just saw all youremails, and to answer all of your questions, we are still in a car. In fact we went and exchanged cars, so now we are driving a brand new 2015 Corolla that is grey. Yeah hump day is what missionaries call it. I get to keep the iPad, and we are suppose to pay a "usage fee" I think the stake president was suppose to talk to you about it. That's cool you got the new job! Now you get to just boss people around huh.?  You will do great at that! Lol.

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