Monday, November 2, 2015

Being a Trainer again - Oct 26 letter

Dallon is going to be companions with another new missionary to be a trainer again.  He sent the following picture entitled "Me and Elder Weidrich's last day together"

Now onto his letter:
Hey how is everything going? From the sounds of Mom's email everything is going well. Sorry to hear about the buttmunch's guinea pig though. I hope everything else is going well though.  Our week was pretty decent I guess. Jeannine has been out of town all week, so we haven't met with her. And I think Rick is mad at us because he has ignored all of our calls and everything since the whole Sunday fiasco. So we haven't met with him either.  We did teach a guy named Miguel this week. He is a referral we got from some members, that works in the donut shop. So we went and talked to him there for a little while. We just taught him about the Book of Mormon and the priesthood. But I don't think it clicked with him. He has a very strong Spanish accent, so I don't know how much of a language barrier is there. the concerns he expressed were that all these different churches tell him that they are right, but he doesn't know how he can know which one is truly right. We tried to answer him, but he didn't give us a lot of time top talk, and he just didn't seem to get it when we did. His other concern was how a lot of people that go to church are hypocrites, and he doesn't want to be that. So hopefully next time we meet with him we will be able to get across to
We had a cool experience on Sunday night while contacting. It was about time to head home, and we started talking to this black lady at the bus stop. And she said she wasn't interested at all, and had what she needed but then had a casual conversation with us about our missions. Then at the end as we were about to walk away she asked, "So what would you have told me if I was interested in your message?" She liked it and found it very interesting. It was a good lesson, but then at the end the bus suddenly came and we weren't able to get her information :( Those bus drivers are cruel, but she said she would check out the website, so hopefully she does.  My favorite story from this week though was this. We went to visit the somewhat less-active Tongan elders quorum President.His brother came to the door, and told us he wants to introduce us to his neighbors. So he took us over and we talked to his neighbor who was Hindu and had a good conversation, and then he takes us to the guy that lives in the back. We walk up to the door which is open, and the guy Larry who is 63, was sitting there on his bed by the door naked with just a pillow covering himself. But he just had us come in while he was like that, and we taught him the restoration. It turns out Larry was homeless for a while, and has recently become sober, so he is a little crazy. But we had a pretty good lesson with him considering the circumstances. Although It was a Tongan member that went with us, so the guy lives outside our are and we will have to refer him to the sister that cover over there. So that will be interesting for them lol. It was a memorable experience to say the least haha.
We had transfer calls last night. I will be staying in this area for a 3rd transfer, while Elder Wiedrich is actually leaving to go to the Downey second ward :(. My new companion will be brand new again, I am training again! So it will be fun. Talk to you later, Love you!!

The mission home sent the following letter, I'll admit it makes the heart swell a bit.

29 October 2015
Robert and Janet Burnside
Los Alamos, NM 87544

Dear Brother and Sister Burnside,

Elder Dallon Jay Burnside has again been appointed as a trainer. No more important position exists than that of training a new missionary. New missionaries need to be properly taught immediately upon entering the mission field. Initial experiences truly influence the remainder of their mission. Your son will teach by both precept and example the conduct and skills that his companion needs to become an effective messenger of the truth. I am confident that he will, with the help of the Lord, be very successful in his new calling. Sister Weidman joins me in extending to you our sincere congratulations to you for having a son of such quality. We know he will receive your continued support in his missionary service.

David N. Weidman, President
California Los Angeles Mission

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