Tuesday, November 17, 2015

November 16 letter

No pictures this week, just a letter.  My other son and I just got back from San Diego helping a sister in law remodel a bathroom.

That is good that you guys had a good time in San Diego. Mom sent pics of the house and the bathroom in San Diego, they are looking good. I am glad you had a good week. Our week too was really good.  On Friday I was with Elder Fifita on exchanges. He cam to my area and we went and visited Jeannine. We shared with her a talk from the priesthood session of conference by Randall K. Bennett. It was called Your Next Step, and about how we need to take the next step in coming closer to God. And we told her that her next step was baptism, and she agreed surprisingly easily! She said that she had been praying and thinking about it a lot and that she was finally ready to do it. She finally came to church to! Then on Sunday we went over and went over all the baptismal interview questions and she aced them all so we are good.
We also got two new investigators, Paula and her son. She is an old catholic lady and Is Very knowledgable about religion. So we tried to teach the restoration but in turned more into a question and answer intellectual conversation then a spiritual discussion. Update on JJ, his uncle is still causing us problems. His uncle keeps putting us off on signing for permission, but we found out that he isn't even the one who has custody. His aunt that lives in Utah apparently has custody, and we hope to fax the permission slip to her so we can get it signed and get him baptized. 
We had a cool miracle Saturday night we needed one more conversation and were at our apartment with 40 minutes left in the night. So we walked around for 38 minutes and didn't see a single person. Then right before we walked inside a lady came out of her apartment across the street and we were able to have a good talk with her. She was a
very nice Christian lady but not interested. 
Otherwise that was our week. It was super exciting because of Jeannine. Please keep her in your prayers, I know that they definitely help! I love you and will talk to you later!! 
Elder Burnside

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