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I'll be caught up! Oct 12 and 19th letters

For October 12th we start with some pictures from a ward member that were sent to us of Elder Weidrich and Elder Burnside

Along with a nice note from the family

We had such a great visit from Elder Burnside and Elder Wiedrich
tonight. Joshua was excited to have the missionaries come for dinner
on the 1-year anniversary of his baptism day.
Thanks to these Elders for their service to our family, ward, and friends!
A couple more pictures including a zone picture

 Dallon's October 12th letter

People are telling me that I need to get on you about updating the blog. So get on it! haha. I am glad you all had a good week though. Our week was pretty good. The bad news first is that we are going to turn Maurice over to the Lord. He is high all the time and cant understand anything we teach him, which also means he can't keep commitments. So that is the news with our first baptismal date. Then we have Rick. We went and over and taught him on Friday. We had a long lesson about the Plan of Salvation and he really liked it. He loved the idea of eternal families. He has been reading the Book of Mormon and praying, and he believes the stuff we teach him and likes it, but he says he has to know before he could commit to a date. So he no longer has a baptismal date, but he is going to be praying about baptism now. So he is still doing pretty good. We got a new investigator named Stan this week. He is married to an inactive lady, and they are an older couple. He is going to retire next month, so he said he actually planned on reading the Book of Mormon afterwords. He said that he would be willing to take the lessons too. So we went over on Friday, but he is one of those people who just talks and talks, and we made the mistake of bringing a member who does the same thing. So we didn't get too much of a chance to teach. We just showed the Always Remember Him youth Mormon message and talked a little about the sacrament.  We had a couple cool miracles this week. One was one exchanges. Elder Comeau came with me in my area. And we were going to go visit some less-actives, but we took a couple wrong turns. So as we were walking back, and Elder Comeau spotted a credit card on the ground. We asked a couple people that were outside, and eventually someone told us to try a house on the corner. So we knocked, and she said she would give it to her land lord, who knows everyone in the area, and then we talked to her about the gospel And she was interested in us coming by, and even has a member roommate. Then as we were about to leave the roommate got home early from work and we started talking to her. Turns out Elder Comeau use to be in her family's ward and knows her mom pretty well. It also turns out the roommate has started to go less active. But he is now going to come to church with her friend. It was
super cool. Then on Saturday we were walking around to visit less actives again. Before we left the car we prayed to be guided to people who God had prepared for us. And I swear it was like 120 degrees outside, super freaking hot. And there was just absolutely nobody home or outside. Then just before we got to the car we ran into a guy and his 2 year old son. We talked a little about the importance of families, and how it is getting harder to raise kids in the world today, and they need some good morals. Just a very casual conversation, but he said he is looking for a church to raise his son in, and would love for us to come by. It was super cool to see God lad us to the people he has
prepared, a long as we show faith. Well I hope you guys have a good week. I love you and will talk to you later!
Elder Burnside

Now on to Dallon's October 19th letter

The suit looks good thanks. Yeah umm I am pretty sure the definition of cold is like 65 degrees now hahaha. Wait are family early to church?!?!? Or even on time?!?!? haha I am glad to hear you all had a good even if uneventful week. Our week was also pretty uneventful :/ We weren't able to have a lesson with either Jeannine or Rick they
both cancelled on us multiple times this week. So we tried just stopping by Rick's on Sunday afternoon. But he got pretty mad at us for coming by unannounced during his family time. I think he just doesn't want his wife to know that he is actually talking with us. So it will be interesting to see where that goes. 
We met with Stan again, his wife was wasn't feeling well though, so we didn't see her. Once again though he just talked and talked and we struggled to get a lesson in. He is getting ready for retirement on November 1st though, so he says that he is too busy to meet until after then. But after that he will read the Book of Mormon and take
the lessons from us.
We met with a couple less-actives this week the main one being a younger Tongan couple. They just had their baby blessed in Sacrament last week. But they were super awkward to teach. We tried getting to know them, but they wouldn't really make conversation, and so we started teaching the lesson, and every time we would ask a question it would get silent for a minute, and then they would give us a short general answer. So it was a little tough, but they came to church so I guess it worked.
So we spent a lot of time this week just talking to people on the street. But it was a lot of no's, and crazy homeless people. I think everyday this week we had homeless person talk to us for at least a half hour lol. You learn a lot of interesting things haha. One guy that we did talk to though who was interested and not crazy was a guy named Shawn. He said he would be interested in reading the Book of Mormon and learning more. When we tried to stop by on Sunday he wasn't there but the rest of his family was. They said that Shawn is very spiritual and always tells his family about the things he learns, and then they all have a discussion about it. So it should be interesting to meet with him. 
We also talked to a guy named David for a while. He said he had met with missionaries before and liked it, and would be open to meeting again. But much like Maurice, I don't know if he is mentally all the way there. So we shall see. But other than that nothing really happened. So hopefully next week will be better. The Lord has been blessing us everyday. As long as we keep doping what we are doing I know it is only a matter of time until we find someone that the Lord has prepared to be baptized for us. I love you and hope you have a great week!!
Elder Burnside

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