Wednesday, February 17, 2016

February 15th Letter

Just a letter this week no pictures:(

Sounds like you all had a good week. That is super cool about Caitlin getting her mission call, that will be pretty cool. Our week was pretty good, but nothing too spectacular.  We taught Steve a bunch but he is still the same. He wants to be baptized and wants to quit smoking and everything, but at the same time he isn't really committed to quitting smoking. We also taught Joe and he was doing really well until Friday he suddenly tried to drop us because it was too hard to quit smoking, but we just takes to him about the blessings of baptism and how much he wanted those and it was all good again. But then we went by after church on Sunday he dropped us for real, and said that he couldn't do it and had found another good church were he talked to the pastor and liked him. But hopefully he will come back to meeting with us, we let him know we are always here, and how much more this message can bless his life.  We also taught Martha several times. She is doing really well, she went like 4 days with out smoking me then got really anxious and smoked the end of one on Saturday but she is trying really hard and doing really well. She has come to church the past two weeks and really enjoys it. We are really excited for her she should be blue to be baptized on February 28th hopefully!!  Otherwise not much going on, we haven't been blue to meet with my of the baptismal dates we set, the family has kind of ignored us and we haven't gotten ahold of Monique.
But I hope you all have a great week! I love you guys!!! 

Elder Burnside

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