Monday, July 21, 2014

Dallon Flies to Los Angeles

Today was the big day.  Dallon left the MTC for Los Angeles.  He had a 7:50 am flight out of Salt Lake City for Los Angeles.  He got to call mom and dad before he left so about 6:45 am we get a FUN phone call.  It was so good to hear from him.

He really enjoyed his experience at the MTC.  According to Dallon, the highlight was probably all of the testimony meetings and devotionals.  A couple of guys testified of their conversion during one devotional that resonated with Dallon.  Apparently they had been living an extreme lifestyle with gangs, alcohol, etc. and the change in their lives due to the gospel of Jesus Christ was pretty powerful.  I believe Dallon would like to help others feel that kind of change in their lives.  Dallon enjoyed their teaching experiences.  They had one "investigator" (I'm not sure Dallon realized it was staged at first) that was very angry and I think that was hard for him to teach.  However, they conquered the challenge.

Dallon's aunt Cheri had told him that he should sing with the MTC choir as it is one of the MTC's "best kept secrets".  Since his companion Elder Clark was a good singer, they decided to go to choir.  Unfortunately there were far too many people there for the choir so he didn't get to participate.  He wanted to let Aunt Cheri know that it "isn't much of a secret anymore"!!!

He unexpectedly got to go to the Provo temple on Friday or Saturday.  He wasn't supposed to be able to as the temple was closed for maintenance and cleaning, but they got done early.  He really enjoys the temple and took some pictures around the temple of him and his district.  Hopefully he will send them at some point.

A little insight to embarrass Dallon, at one point he admitted he forgot to bring soap and was just using shampoo!  We apparently have to send soap in our next care package:)

Also, of note,  our neighbors the Dahls have a cousin (Jon Dahl's cousin) that is going to Boston and he was in Dallon's zone.  It is a small world.

There were 20 new missionaries who headed to Los Angeles.  12 sisters and 8 brothers.  Most were spanish speaking, a couple of korean speakers, then Dallon and one sister speaking english.  The missionaries flew to the mission home and then the mission home sent an email

Dear Parents,
We want to let you know that your missionary son or daughter arrived safely to the California Los Angeles Mission today. There were 20 new missionaries welcomed into our mission today, and they all looked happy, healthy and ready to begin! An additional e-mail will be sent to you in a few days with more detailed information and pictures of your missionary with his/her new companion and with the mission president and his wife, so be watching for it!
Warmest regards,

Sister Biddulph

Hopefully we will hear soon who his companion is, where he is and get some pictures. I love this missionary and I am proud of his effort as a disciple of Jesus Christ. I pray we may all be disciples of Christ.


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