Friday, July 11, 2014

We sent a package yesterday full of chocolate chip cookies and letters from all the kids and the parents.  It has been hard to see him go (Janet has shed more than a few tears) but letters make all the difference in the world.  This work is a real testimony builder to me.  I am proud of my son.  We got Dallon's first email today which I will share:

"Dear, Family I am having an amazing time at the mtc I love it here. My companion elder clark is funny but still very spiritual, i really enjoy being around him. He is from Iowa City and is going to Fort Collins, colorado as is almost everybody in my district. I know one sister who is going to LA but I haven't met anybody else, which is ok. The spirit is so strong here it is amazing. The staff is great, and they have to be as there were 600 other new missionaries that came in with me! My teachers are awesome they keep our 3 hour classes entertaining and full of the spirit. We are learning by fire or whatever the saying is, as me and elder clark teach an investigator tomorrow, who we met and he has some tough questions. But i know that the spirit will guide us to say the right thing. The food here is absolutely amazing, super delicious. I just love everything here, the only bad thing is we are not allowed to play frisbee on the field, which is worse cause they are redoing the gym so no basketball either. I dont have any pictures yet because i can't seem to figure out the camera, but i will soon so don't worry. I love you all and really appreciate the cookies and letters, they were great. I only get to write emails every friday for 60 minutes so i will finish up soon.I know I am doing the right thing, and i am enjoying the Lords work, I am so excited to go to LA. I miss you all and will see you in 728 days(I will calculate the hours later). P.S. you can tell Bryce that i did enjoy the pink."

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