Saturday, July 19, 2014

Dallon's Second Email

It is Friday again!  We got talk communicate with the boy again.  We had been watching to see if we could catch him while he was emailing and interesting enough, his companion Elder Jared Clark from Iowa City, IA emailed us first.

This is Elder Clark, your sons best companion ever!!
just wanted to say hi, i am keeping your son happy i hope. you have a great son he will go far in the mission field. he is a very strong teacher!
Enjoy life's daily journey

Elder Clark
It was amusing emailing back and forth. Janet and I both sent emails to Dallon, mostly telling him how proud we are of him. Anyway he sent this...

Hey i am glad you guys had a good time in utah. I do need envelopes and stamps if i am going to send letters to people. The first full week has been really good. On sunday I got front row seats at the marriott center to listen to a former mission president talk about missionary work. It was really good. Did you listen to it on byu radio? THen on tuesday we listened to a talk from a former seventy about using christ's name in vain, and being more christ-like. It hit me when he talked about how sometimes wqe just close things in the name of christ, but we really need to think about how we are using it when we close in his name. We have been teaching an investigator named Christian. We love him and he is a good guy. He has reaad the book of mormon and all that stuff, but he is mad at god for all the bad things that happen in the world. So it has been tough to teach him, but last night when we asked him to say the closing prayer, he thought about it for a while before finally saying maybe next time.I was so excited. I love teaching him, and I can't wait to go teach in Los Angeles, escpecially because I am tired of sitting in class all day. I fly out at 6;30 on monday and i might have a chance to call you before the flight so be ready. We love all the baked goods i am getting so keep it up. I love it here, and i love all the people in my distyrict, i will miss them, but I can't wait to go to L.A. Love you al;l.
P.S. How are the Dodgers doing?
Not suprising we had to update him on the Dodgers. We will mail him packages and would encourage anyone else to email/send letters/packages as well. Adios.

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