Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dallon is in Hollywood

Missionary Monday is fun.  we got to email back and forth a little with Dallon.  He is in Hollywood ward which covers most of Hollywood and West Hollywood.  The iconic Hollywood sign is in his ward boundaries as well as the Griffith observatory and other interesting things.  To start the day he sent some pictures from the MTC.

Dallon and his MTC Branch President

Dallon, his companion Elder Clark, Elder Davis and Elder Butler
Dallon's MTC District from left to right (elder davis, elder clark, elder burnside,elder adams, sister hart, our teacher brother hanson,sister nagano, elder snelders, elder green, elder butler, and elder hamilton

Pretty cool pictures from the MTC.  Also one from arriving in LA where they were putting together his bicycle.
us putting my bike together, elder taylor is taking the picture,the other elders are elder spencer who is standing, and elder johnson
Enough of that, onto his email:
I will try to send the photo one last time. My trainer is elder Taylor as you heard. He is from west Virginia, and has been out for 13 months, with 8 of those being in the area we are in now. We are in Hollywood! It has been really fun so far. We don't have a lot of investigators, but we have a lot of potential investigators. In fact on Sunday we were blessed because we had 2 non-members that we had never met before show up to church, and set appointments to meet with us again. The Hollywood ward has about 150 active members, and a whole 800 less active members.We have a lot of work to do. A lot of the members are in the film business and stuff like that, so they are pretty crazy, but i love them. I met Bro Forsyth's nephew in law yesterday so that was cool. We use both a car and a bike, we have a 2013 Toyota corolla, but we are limited to 750 miles a month so we have ride our bikes every couple days to save miles. I haven't gotten a packages yet, they hand them out at district meeting which is every Friday, so maybe i will get them then. We are fed pretty well, a lot of the members feed us or will take us out to a restaurant, so we don't really have to worry about food. We had 3 dinner appointments since i have been here, and got fed lunch once or twice. You can let Stevie know that we make our beds every day, and have to clean our apartment every preparation day.I paid for my bags at the airport and gave the mission home the receipt so they should refund that. I have enough money.i love it out here, we are so blessed everyday. We had one potential investigator call us and tell us that her sister just moved into town and they both wanted to come to church. There are around 270 missionaries in the Los Angeles mission,and next transfer there are 30 more coming in, I am so glad to be here, and I know i am doing the Lords work. I love you all and can't wait to hear from you next week.

Then he followed with another email

forgot one other thing. Yesterday we took an investigator to a fireside by mclein nelson, the producer of the saratov approach. He started by talking to the nonmembers by saying if your Mormon friends doesn't mention Christ a lot, then tell them they need to get there act together.He talked about how it is sad that we don't mention Christ enough for most people to realize that we are christian.He talked about how the film was just meant to increase everybody's faith, not just for Mormons. He then talked about how we need to stop hiding the fact that we are Mormon and put the word out there, on what we believe. It was a really good talk, i wish i could watch the movie, it is on Netflix if you want to watch it. Talk to you next week.
Apparently i am like the only missionary who doesn't have any pictures of their family and friends, so my companion would love to see some pictures of you guys.

It was a fun day we enjoyed our emails and we are so proud of him and his work.

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