Tuesday, August 18, 2015

August 17 Letter

Starting with pictures that are 2 weeks old.  This is Elder Burnside with his previous companion Elder Shepherd in the middle and his new companion Elder Lee on the right.

And now his letter.

Our apartment is pretty nice, and it is right next to the airport. We
can't really see the beach though :/ But it is pretty annoying
sometimes to have a conversation with someone when a plane interrupts
you every 60 seconds. Thats crazy that schools started again, time
flies by so fast! I don't know why you would think I would make an old
age joke, I respect my father too much to do that...lol. But it sounds
like everybody had a good week, so that is good.
Our week was pretty much a straight up war with Satan over Johnathan.
Pretty much everyday something came up that made him not want to be
baptized. I have never seen someone get so much Anti-Mormon stuff in
such little time. Everybody around him was telling him not to get
baptized, and they were telling him all these awful things about
Mormons that contradict the bible. We met with him several times, and
his baptismal interview just kept on getting delayed all the way until
Saturday, and he seemed pretty solid. Then at 1 m the day of his
interview he sent us this long list of Anti-mormon stuff as reasons
why he couldn't be baptized. So we took him to the visitors center and
had a lesson there with President Weidman. It was super powerful! We
were going to just address all of his Anti Mormon concerns but the
spirit took the lesson another way. We just taught about the Book of
Mormon and Joseph Smith. He expressed concerns about his family being
against it. So I told him the story of Mom's conversion, and how much
that has blessed our family, and that really helped him. So he is
going to try to read the whole Book of Mormon by Friday to get his
answer, and even if he doesn't he is going to show his faith and be
baptized Saturday! So we are excited for him. It was just crazy to see
how hard Satan was trying to stop him, he was going all out.
We met a couple less-actives we are going to start working with. One
was named Curtis. He is married and has two kids, and hasn't been
active since he was 24 and is now 40. His wife is Jewish, but he wants
to get their daughter baptized still. It was cool to see that he still
has a testimony, and is very open to the church, it is just his wife
isn't for it. We also met a woman named Tina she is a single mom with
3 kids. She doesn't feel the need to come to church, she expressed
that she has some disagreements with some doctrine. But she is willing
to let us come back and share a message anyway.
Our other investigator in the English ward, Jeanine was sick. So we
weren't able to meet with her. And we weren't able to meet with our
Tongan investigator Shad either. So that is about it for our week. I
hope you guys have a great week! I love you!
Elder Burnside

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