Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Rest of July

Start with some pictures from July 20.  The first two are from their temple trip.  Third is a note someone left on their car (I'll never understand some people).

and now the letter

Sounds like you all had a good week. I am glad Aaron had fun, and I am sure it was good to see Grandma and Grandpa again. That's crazy how much rain you are getting. It sounds like everywhere except California is getting a ton of rain this year. Although it did rain Saturday and Sunday here, high was nice but now it's really humid :/ anyway we had a pretty good week.
Tuesday we took President Weidman to a lesson with Lumi and Victoria Tuesday. We taught them the Plan of Salvation and it went awesome! They both committed to baptism on August 16th. Although Lumi called us a couple days later and she doesn't want to meet with us. anymore :( But August 16th is still the date for Victoria. It turns out that they are both schizophrenic which is why they have trouble committing, so we are trying to get over that.
We had another lesson with Victoria Saturday and taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It went really well, she wouldn't commit to church this week but said she would next week which is a lot better than before. So she is progressing well.
We had some good lessons with Napolean. We finished 2 Nephi and did the first chapter of Jacob. On Thursday we talked about blessings. And how Heavenly Father blesses us. It was really good for him. It is really cool because he is starting to pack up his stuff, he is ready to move out so he can get baptized! It will happen anywhere between the next couple weeks or the next couple months. He is just fed up with it, and he is so excited to be baptized!
On Sunday we only had 1 person at church. So that was no good. But a high counsellor gave a really good talk at the YSA sacrament meeting. He talked about how the commandments are all about love. How they all either increase our love for God, others, or ourselves. And just how it is all about becoming more like god, which happens when we increase in love.
Sorry today's email is so late, I was finally taking my drivers test. Don't worry I passed haha. They hadn't asked me before because apparently they never got the papers we were suppose to fill out before my mission. But now they are running out of drivers so it looks like I will drive next transfer. I love you and hope you have a great week!
Elder Burnside
Barely haha, the hard part was parallel parking, because I have never done that. But I figured it out after 2 or 3 tries. We get transfer calls on the 2nd of August. Thanks for your prayers. I know they help!

The July 27th letter had 2 pics he said

Went to the Rob Dyrdek fantasy factory with the ASL elders on the left. Elder Monegro then elder Saavedra. Then it's Elder Westergreen, me, elder Babo, and then Elder Rickman. Sent from my iPad

The Letter

I am glad you all had a good week. Sounds like you did a lot of scuba stuff haha. That's good you got to play softball, that's insane how much it got rained out. I can't wait to play again haha. That is cool you got an iPad. I do keep mine, and it came with a case and screen protector, so it's good. I was actually looking at our family tree, just trying to see how far it could go. I got to 169 a.d. Our week was pretty good.
We taught Victoria a couple times this week. On Tuesday we taught her the Word of Wisdom. She understood all of it, and accepted it all except for coffee. She doesn't see why God would ban coffee, but she is praying about it. We taught her again on Friday, but I was a way on exchanges. They taught her the law of chastity, and I guess she already lived and believed it. So that was good. She still Wouldn't come to church though, so that is what we are still working on with her.
We had several good lessons with Napolean. We read chapters 2 and 3 of Jacob. And I really liked the first verse of Jacob 3. It says that If we have a pure heart and faith, Christ will plead our cause. That is such a cool line. Then on Thursday we talked about the comforter and we read Romans 5:5-6, and I realized that the Holy Ghost comforts, guides, protects, and all of its other jobs BY witnessing of Jesus Christ. The witness of Jesus Christ is what gives us comfort, because it lets us know that he is there to help us and he has a plan for us that will make everything work out for good in the end.
As I briefly mentioned earlier I went on exchanges Friday with Elder Hamblin in his area. He goes home next week, and is actually from Farmington. The only other New Mexico missionary out here. He is my zone leader, and was my zone leader when I was in Hollywood too. We taught on of their investigator's sisters named Leslie, and she accepted to be baptized on the 23rd! We taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ, and she loved it.
Saturday we trained with Justin. We did some sword fighting stuff with bamboo sticks. It was pretty cool. We then told him about the pioneers and invited him to the Pioneer Day activity, but he wasn't able to come. The Pioneer Day activity was fun but we were only allowed to stay for an hour.
Sunday was good. There is a part member couple that has been coming the past month or so, and they always sit right next to the door, and as soon as sacrament ends they take off. So the past several weeks we have been trying to catch them, but we always get caught up in the crowd. But this week we were able to talk to the, and set up a time to visit them not this week but next. So that was good, and about it for our week. I love you and he you have a great week!
Elder Burnside

Sent from my iPad

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