Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Transferred again

Let's get all caught up with Monday August 3rd's letter.  But first pictures from Elder Shephard's departing missionary fireside

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And onto the letter

Yeah she is a ward missionary, and I saw her at the departing missionary fireside, because elder Shepherd is going home. Sounds like you all had a great weekend. It is good to spend it with the family. That is a cool story about our ancestors. I knew that they came at the end of the pioneer period, but other than that I didn't really know anything.
We had freakin awesome week! We taught Victoria a couple lessons. The first one went really well. We taught about tithing and fast offerings. She accepted it, and had no problem paying it if she got baptized. The second lesson not so well. We have pretty much taught her everything, but she still hasn't come to church, so we decided to teach about revelation through church attendance. We started teaching, and she stopped us and said that if we were going to just tell her to come to church all the time then we didn't have to continue meeting. So we backed off that and just read 3 Nephi 18. Which talks a lot about church, but we just talked about the ones that didn't really mention church, and let the church ones just be in the back of her mind. So we don't know what to do with her, she isn't coming to church so we might have to turn her over to the Lord and stop teaching her.
We had a couple good lessons with Napolean. We talked about Charity one day, and how it is all about what is in your heart. And then on Saturday we read Jacob 4, which is a really powerful chapter. It talked a lot about how the Jews rejected the simple truths, and wanted stuff they couldn't understand. So that is what they got, and because of that they were blind to Christ and didn't accept him as their savior. Ms it just made me think about how sometimes I get bored of the basic principles of the gospel, and want to hear other things. But we need to cherish those simple truths because they are most important and if we don't then we will lose them.
On Wednesday I stayed in my area for exchanges with Elder Babo. He is super cool and is from the island of Quedapest. We visited a referral named Johnny, he is 17 and ran into the missionaries about a month ago. So we visited him, and he said that he has never really learned about God before and wants to build that relationship with him. So we were all like "you ran into the right people!" Haha. And we taught him the restoration and set a baptismal date for August 23rd!
We then went and taught Fransisco. We had previously set a date with him for July 19 but then he went MIA for a couple weeks. So we stopped by and both him and his fiancée Patty were there. That was the first time we had met her and she was actually really interested. So we taught them about eternal families and set baptismal dates with both of them for August 30th! It was an awesome day!
Then the next day the sisters gave us a YSA referral named Jason who they had set a baptismal date with. He is super prepared! They gave him a Book of Mormon Sunday, and then when we met with him Thursday he was already in 2 Nephi 25! It was super cool.
On Saturday we went on splits, and I went with the bishop. It was fun to go with just a member. We taught a referral named Tray. He use to be in gnat activity and jail and all that good stuff. But then through Christ he had been able to change his life. He now is married with 2 kids and very active in his church. He wanted a Book of Mormon to see what separated Mormons from everybody else. So we taught him about the priesthood authority, and set a time to teach him again.
Then Sunday was not as good. None of our baptismal date dates were able to come to church :/ The departing missionary fireside was really good. 33 missionaries were going home, it was so packed full of people. It was cool to see Elder Shepherd again. Then afterwords we got transfer calls... I am leaving :( Right after we had all that success, I am getting transferred. It really caught me off guard. But I am going over to Inglewood. That will be my most ghetto area, so it will be fun haha. My companion will be Elder Lee who is from Michigan. It will be fun!
Well I hope you all have a great week! I love you and will talk to you later. Here is some pictures from the departing missionary fireside.
Elder Burnside

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