Tuesday, August 25, 2015

August 24th Letter

Start with pictures,which Dallon called "our version of Straight Outta Compton"

And his letter

Wow sounds like dad has actually been doing a lot of work lately haha.
Yeah you are correct, I will fly home on the 6th of July. Sounds like
everybody had a good week though. I am glad to hear you all are doing
well. Our week was a bit of a struggle.
Our focus all week was on Johnathan. We visited with him every single
day to keep him ready for his baptism. On Wednesday we had him meet
one of the recent converts in the YSA ward named Tracy, and had him
talk to her about her conversion story. She is a super solid recent
convert, her testimony is very strong. She told him all about how she
had people against her being baptized, and all these other things to
stop her, but she went through with it and was very blessed. She told
him all about all the blessings she has received from baptism and the
gift of the Holy Ghost. She told him how grateful she was, and how he
is surrounded by people that are there to help and support him. It
think it really helped him a lot. Then on Thursday we took him around
with us pretty much the whole day as we visited members in both the
palongi and the Tongan wards. He heard a ton of testimonies that day,
and we got a lot people who were going to come to the baptism.
But then at 4 in the morning Friday he texted us that he saw some
things that he didn't agree with and didn't want to be
baptized...again :/ So we met and talked with him a bunch on both
Friday and Saturday. We answered all of hi Anti-mormon material for
him. But in the end he still chose to not got baptized :( That was a
bit sad. I don't think I have ever worked so hard to get someone
baptized on my mission as we did for him. If only the investigators
understood all that the missionaries do haha. But he just wasn't
ready. I am pretty sure he knows he needs to get baptized, and he
loves the church to; he is just not ready to act. He is comfortable
where he is and doesn't want to do the things necessary to be a member
of the church. I told you last week about how he made a plan to read
as much of the Book of Mormon as he could by Friday, but all he read
was the introduction, he looked up a ton more anti-mormon material
than reading in the Book of Mormon. \but he is one of those people who
will eventually be baptized, it is just going to take time.
So with that taking up much of our week we didn't do much else. We are
trying to meet up with Shad, who is a Tongan investigator. The rest of
his family is recent converts, but Shad was staying with his dad when
it happened. He has told his family that he does want to be baptized,
he is just very difficult to meet with because of his family
situation. But he will get baptized sometime over the next couple
weeks. Our other main investigator Jeannine was sick so we couldn't
meet with her either. She has been on vacation and just got back last
week, but has been sick so we haven't been able to teach her.
Apparently she wants to be baptized, just in a river in Montana. So
that is her only concern. Other than that not much is going on.
Visited some less actives with a little success, and knocked on a lot
of unanswered doors haha. I hope you have a great week! I love you!!
Elder Burnside

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