Monday, October 19, 2015

Sept 28 and Oct 5 Letter

The September 28th letter and picture

Caption: Picture of me with a tie that an investigator I met in the other elders area gave me last week

Me and Elder Wiedrich still can't get over that, it is crazy! Yeah it
was sad to hear about Elder Scott. Saturday will be even crazier now
that they have to call 3 new apostles. Although that provides a great
door to inviting people to watch it. I am glad that you all had a good
week and had fun. Sounds like you all had a good time. Our week was
super good and fun too!
We went on exchanges Friday I stayed in m area with Elder Larson. He
is a Spanish missionary who has been in the same zone as me
practically my whole mission. We wet and visited a potential
investigator from about a year ago name Rick. We talked to him for a
little why, and it turns out he actually met with the missionaries a
lot. So we reviewed some of what they had taught him, and talked a lot
about the Book of Mormon. We were then able to set a baptismal date
with him for the 25th of October! His biggest concern is his wife. He
said that she is very Christian and he would have to ok it with her.
But we are excited for him!
Then Sunday we had a lesson with a guy named Maurice. We had talked to
him on the street the night before. He had made it sound like he was
previously baptized, but then when we sat down with him we found out
he was not baptized. So we taught him, and it was tough. He got in an
accident when he was younger, and got some brain damage from it. So he
has a lot of trouble grasping some of the concepts. But we did our
best to teach as simply as possible and we were able to set a
baptismal date with him for October 25th as well!
We met with Jeannine a couple times this week too. One night we went
over and just read the first chapter of the Book of Mormon with her,
and explained all about it. Then on Sunday night we went over again
and talked a lot about the priesthood authority, and reading the Book
of Mormon to find out. She said that her mind has opened up a lot
towards baptism but she isn't ready to commit to that yet. But she was
super close! We should be able to set one with her next time!
That is all the super exciting news from this week! We were super
blessed and saw many miracles! It was amazing to see the Lord's hand
in this work. I love you and hope you have a great week!!!
Elder Burnside

The October 5th letter

Sounds like a good time with the family. I am sure you do love that
Janelle and Gabe enjoy cooking haha. But I am glad everyone had a good
week, it sounds like it was quite busy and fun. Our week was a little
less busy, we weren't really able to meet with a lot of people.
We weren't able to meet with Rick. He said his wife is pretty opposed
to the church, but he still wants to meet with us. He has just been
ver busy with his family. We were able to meet with Maurice again.
Turns out he is just high all the time. We tried to teach him, but not
much was really going through. It was a pretty frustrating lesson,
because he didn't follow along, or understand anything no matter how
simple we were. so we are not sure what we are going to do with him.
We had a decent lesson with Jeannine yesterday. The previous time we
met with her, we tried to set a date for the 18th, and she said that
it spooked her, and kind of turned her off a bit. So we just talked,
and shared with her some of the talks from General Conference that we
liked since she wasn't able to make it. We shared that talk with her
where he compared the commandments to the barrier in the bay. And we
also shared with her the one about ponderizing scriptures. She really
liked those and committed to start ponderizing a scripture in the Book
of Mormon every week, so it was good.
We had a good lesson with a referral named Rica on Sunday too. She is
an older lady that has M.S. Her friend referred her to us, because she
is looking for a church that is close by and easier to get to. And by
the grace of God she lives right next to our church! So we shared the
restoration with her and she absolutely loved the First Vision. The
spirit was super strong. But she said that her husband would be
against us coming over so she wants to meet at the church from now on.
But it is also too hot for her to go to the church, because I guess
heat makes M.S. act up. But we will keep in contact with her and
hopefully be able to meet again soon.
We also had a lesson with a less-active Tongan member named Leni. He
just got out of jail for the second time, but is actually committed to
changing his life this time. He found Jesus when he was in jail, but
really only believes in the bible right now. He is only in his 20s but
doesn't really remember anything he was taught at church when he was
younger. So we are pretty much teaching him like an investigator right
now. And it is going well. The spirit ha been there and he has really
opened up to us. Hopefully he can start coming to church!
But that is about it for our week. I love you and hope you have a
great week! talk to you later!

Elder Burnside

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