Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wow I got behind August 31st/September 7 letter

I was chastised in Dallon's letter yesterday about getting behind in the blog.  I will do better (at least I tell myself that:))  Let's start with the letter from August 31.  The pictures are of the elder's bowling on P-day.

I quoted some 80's songs in my letter to Elder Burnside and here is his reply
80's!?!?!? SSSOOOOOO OOOOLLLLDDDDDD!!!! lol haha. Sounds like you all
had a good week. Mom says you really enjoyed test driving the trucks
haha. What car would I take to Idaho when I get back? The sabbath day
thing is church wide, they talk about it a lot at all the ward council
meeting we have gone to lately. Trek will be fun, if I had to pick one
of the two options I would be cool with going to Wyoming to be
Our week has been really slow. We did meet with Jonathan a couple
times for lunch. And we set him up with missionaries in Rhode Island.
He moved on Saturday, we helped him pack up and everything. I don't
think he will change his decision anytime soon, but he will change it
Other then that not much happened. We weren't able to meet with
Jeannine or Shad once agin. As soon as we can meet with them we will
set baptismal dates, but we just never seem to be able to meet with
them. Other than that not much happened in our area. We got a couple
referrals that we will visit this week.
On Wednesday I went on exchanges with our district leader Elder
Comeau. It was fun even though it was in a Spanish area so I had no
idea what was going on lol. It was a super hot that day. And we went
and taught this really old lady. Then we went to visit some referrals
a several blocks down. And I started feeling very dehydrated. I didn't
want to just ask anybody for water because I didn't want to be that
guy. So I was praying that somebody would offer us water. Then after
visiting a couple houses, the lady that we taught at the beginning
comes walking towards us with water bottles. She some how chased us
down after the lesson, it was a really cool answer to my prayers! Oh
and then we got our car towed... So I am going to be down 43 bucks
each of the next 3 months paying for that haha. just so you are aware,
I maybe using some personal funds. But other than that not to much
going on, hopefully that changes soon!
I love you and hope you have a great week!
Elder Burnside

On September 7 we received the following letter.  We were sorry to see Elder Lee go.  The picture was just before he left.

  Wow it sounds like you actually had a productive week lol justkidding haha. It sounds like you're are enjoying your new truck though. Sounds like a fun day you all got planned. We aren't going to an cook out or anything today, but we did go to basketball this morning. The Tongan ward had a big basketball activity with a ton of non members there. We played from 6-10 this morning. So now I am super tired haha. That sounds like a sick play by BYU. Its funny too because me and my companion were just talking the other day about how Taysom Hill can't stay healthy.
Our week was not so productive as yours was. Elder Lee wasn't enjoying his mission very much, so he talked to President for a while a well as his stake President, and actually eded up going home early. He flew home Saturday so that was kind of sad :( But because of that whole situation, we weren't able to get a whole lot done.
So I got a new companion for the rest of this transfer, which only has a week left. His name is Elder Fifita. He is Tongan and is from Aurora, Colorado. He has been out for 17 months, and actually played college football at Kansas State a little bit before he came out. He is a super good missionary though!  On Saturday and Sunday we went to what the Tongans call an "eat".  Which is pretty much just a party with more food then you have ever seen haha. One was a baby shower, and the other was to celebrate a baby blessing. Tongans apparently just have parties for everything haha. I enjoy it lol. We went over to meet with Shad on Saturday, he was the kid that wants to be baptized. But we found out that he is moving to Calla Bases this week, so we won't be able to do that. So we don't have a whole lot to work with now. But we are really working on finding those that Lord has prepared! But we got a couple appointments for this next week, so hopefully its good! I love you!!
Elder Burnside

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