Monday, October 19, 2015

September 14 and 21st letter

Dallon is going to be a trainer for a new missionary!  Here is the letter from Sept. 14:

Wish the buttmunch a happy birthday for me! I will try to get out a
letter for him this week. Sounds like you all had a great week. I am
glad you had fun out on the boat. Next time you go I might be there :)
That is too bad about the Hammer's baby that would be really tough,
but it makes you really appreciate the Plan of Salvation.
We had a pretty good week. Elder Fifita is super cool. We have been
working pretty hard. But Elder Fifita was in a trio as a zone leader,
and is still a zone leader so we had to go on a lot of exchanges for
him to do zone leader stuff haha.
We had a pretty cool miracle happen the other day. We were trying to
find a referral named Claude who wanted us to come by his office. But
he wasn't listed on the directory and we didn't have the office number
and nobody would help us. So after walking around a couple floors with
no success we decided to say a prayer. After the prayer we both felt
inspired to go to floor three. There we ran into a janitor who guided
us to the Claude's office on the fourth floor. He had already gone
home, but it was super cool to see the answer to our prayers. Heavenly
Father didn't just give us what we wanted, but he gave us a way to
find it ourselves so we could learn and grow through the experience.
We also taught another super cool referral named Jackson. He is 18 and
going to Loyola Marymount. But his girlfriend of two and a half years
is serving a mission in Houston. He is super prepared. His girlfriend
sends him talks and scriptures all the time, his only concerns are
pretty much like blacks and the priesthood and gay marriage. Sadly
though he should be going to the YSA so we had to refer him to them.
Our investigator Jeannine isn't really progressing right now. We tried
to teach her but she didn't have much time and could't focus. Then our
next lesson sh didn't show up. But hopefully we can kind of get things
going with her.
The big news is that I am staying in this area and getting a new
companion. My companion will be a brand new missionary out of the MTC
I will be training. It is a little exciting, and kind of scary too, I
already feel bad for the new missionary haha. But it will be a fun
experience. I love you and will talk to you later!!
Elder Burnside

Here is the letter we got from the mission president:

Dear Brother and Sister Burnside,

Elder Dallon Jay Burnside has been appointed as a trainer in the California Los Angeles Mission. No more important position exists than that of training a new missionary. New missionaries need to be properly taught immediately upon entering the mission field. Initial experiences truly influence the remainder of one’s mission. Your son will teach by both precept and example the attributes and skills that his companion will need to become an effective representative of the Lord Jesus Christ. I am confident that he will, with the help of the Lord, be very successful in his new calling.

Sister Weidman joins me in extending to you our sincere appreciation for having a son of such quality and our appreciation for having Elder Burnside in our mission. We know he will receive your continued support in his missionary service.

Sincerely yours,

President David N. Weidman
California Los Angeles Mission

That was pretty cool news.  Then on September 21st we got this letter and pictures:

Us after ball today. From left to right, Me, Elder Wiedrich, ElderBossy, Elder Comeau, Elder Larson, Elder Provost

I had a whole email on my Ipad, but it is deciding to be extremely
mentally challenged right now... :/ So I will send that email when my
Ipad decides to behave again. But Elder Wiedrich is my trainee. He is
from Odessa, Texas and is super cool. He was actually born in Amarillo
too. But he is a super good missionary, he has brought an enthusiasm
to our area that has brought miracles, which I will tell you about
when my iPad works again. I got to go for now, but I will talk to you
later. I love you!!

After I saw this email I replied and mentioned that when we were living in Amarillo First Ward in the mid 90's, that there were some Weidrichs living there, Henry and Nancy were the parents and I worked in young men's with some of their sons, including one named Jeff.  My baby sister was living there and was good friends with some of their younger son's. Dallon replied with the following.  Amazing how small the world is.

Well I am giving up on my iPad. I lost the charging cord, went out and
bought a new cord, but the new cord doesn't work. So I am going to
retype it on the computer. Lol I just showed Elder Wiedrich this and
he said that Jeff is his uncle! Small world haha. Sounds like a good
plan to me for Trek.I am glad your talk went well.
Well I don't have much time. But our week was great. I am having a lot
of fun training! It is extra responsibility, but I am enjoying it.
Training is definitely forcing me to be a better missionary, as I try
to be a good example. Elder Wiedrich is a super good missionary. He
has definitely brought an extra fire to our area that is bringing lots
of miracles.
I still don't know the area very well, so one night we were walking
around visiting less-actives and we got a little lost. We knew our way
back to the car but didn't know how to get to the less active's house.
But we didn't have enough time to go back to the car to figure out how
to get there. So we said a prayer and decided to keep looking for the
house. We eventually found it, but nobody was home. So we started
heading back to the car, and we ran into a girl named Jasmine who
really wanted a Book of Mormon. It was great, it was cool to see the
Lord guide us to where he needed us.
Then yesterday we were walking around trying to visit potentials. But
nobody was home, and nobody was outside to talk to either. So we said
a prayer that we would be able to find people to talk to and have good
conversations with. We then turned the corner and started running into
a ton of people, all of whom were open and we were able to have good
discussions with them.
But that was most of our week. Just walking around trying to find
people we can teach. But the work is progressing, we found some good
potential investigators, so I am excited for next week. I love you and
hope you have a great week!!
Elder Burnside

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