Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Catching up Dec 7 and 14 letters

Start with December 7 - Picture of Dallon and his companion meeting UCLA coach Jim Mora

Glad to hear you are all doing well! Sounds like Stevan had fun at his pack meeting. Good to hear that the baby is doing well too. My card expires on December 15th. I actually think my iPad is a mini 2. I didn't get to meet Bronco Mendanhall, only the offensive coordinator and the linebacker coaches came. It was funny too because the kid whose name is Mique asked them if Bronco was going to leave, and they said no chance, and that he would come on Sunday. Then the next day he agreed to go to Virginia. Although we did still go by on Sunday because we didn't know about that. And of course he wasn't there, but Jim Mora from UCLA was, so we got to meet him and take a picture with him. It was cool to see how they recruit, and how they do similar
things to us when we teach.  
Jeannine is still doing well. She went out of town this past weekend, so we moved her baptism to the 13th. We stopped by on Friday before she left town. We read Alma 7 with her, and it brought out a concern of hers that she has been feeling inadequate. So we were able to testify to her of God's love for her, and that he is only there to lift us up. We warned her that those thoughts will continue to come from Satan leading up to her baptism, but that us and the ward were here to help. That really helped her a lot, and strengthened her for her baptism. So we are good to go.
We also met with Rita a couple times this week. She is the lady in the wheelchair that has MS. The first time we went over we just read 1 Nephi ! with her, to show her the importance of The Book of Mormon and how it can relate to and help her in her life. We then went back and taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We focused on baptism and the
authority needed for it. We also talked about how it is a personal experience and an important covenant we need to make and understand. And when we invited her to be baptized and she accepted! So she will be baptized on December 27th! She came to church on Sunday and really enjoyed it, and got to know some members so that was really good.
On Sunday we got transfer calls. I am... leaving to Carson :/ I didn't want to leave, and didn't expect to either, because there was a mid cycle transfer 3 weeks ago, that caused me to become the district leader. But my 3 week stint as district leader is over, nobody ever even told me what I was suppose to do haha. But my new companion will
be Elder Stevens, I don't know him, but I hear he is pretty new. I am starting to get old in the mission because all the elders I know have gone home haha. But thats about it for our week. I love you guys and will talk to you soon!!
Elder Burnside
Then December 14 - Jeanine's Baptism!!!  We told Dallon about his friend Thomas' mission call to Portugal.

What business do you have to do in D.C? Glad to hear everyone is doing well, I am super excited for Thomas! We can't skype on our iPads, so we still have to figure out where we are going to do it, so we will let you know  a time next week. We live at xxxx Carson street. My new companion is Elder Stevens and he is pretty cool. He is from Spokane, Washington, and has been out for 5 months. He is a super good hard working elder. We cover the Carson 1st ward, which covers the
Carson and Wilmington area with a little bit of the east part of Torrance. The east part of Wilmington is a bit ghetto, but otherwise it is super low income. The ward had 4 baptisms right before I got
there, so it is exciting, a little more work then the Westchester area.

As you probably saw, Jeannine got baptized! I got to go back to give the Holy Ghost talk, and it all went really well. Satan had been working on her the day of trying to scare her out of it, but she was
able to push through and get baptized. She definitely felt the spirit there too. She will be a great member!

3 of the baptisms here were a part member family, the dad and the son and daughter. So we went over to start teaching them. We had dinner and watched the restoration and talked about it. They are a super cool and funny Samoan family, also really strong in the gospel. They just want to get sealed in the temple, that is their goal. They are already sharing the gospel with their friends!

We have two people with baptismal dates here, a 17 year old girl named Diana, and a guy named Tim. I got to go teach Diana my first day here. We taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ. It went really well, and she really likes the stuff we share with her. There are only two problems.
One is that she still hasn't asked her mom. She is afraid because her Mom is strongly Catholic, and Diana just got baptized Catholic last year. The other problem is she works weekends, and she can't get Sunday off because she only works Saturday and Sunday.  But she is cool, and I am excited to work with her, I think we just need permission from the mom and we will be good.

I didn't get to meet Tim, but we did teach his roommate Steve. Steve use to have a baptismal date, and they both really like the gospel. But they are in a recovery home, and both have an issue with quitting smoking, so that is the main concern we will be working on with them. But yeah this area is awesome. It is a super diverse ward with a bunch of awesome missionary minded members. I will talk to you later, and see you soon!!
Elder Burnside

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