Wednesday, February 10, 2016

January 18th and 25th letters, WOW I'm almost caught up.

Starting with the January 18th letter.  There were pictures of Salamasina's baptism, Dallon on exchanges, finally them the spanish elders and a member named Frank.

I am glad everything is going good. That is cool you got a raise, that means a nice new sports car will be waiting for me when I get home right? Haha. Sounds like everybody. Is having a good time. It was actually my last companion that was from Vegas, Elder Stevens is from Spokane, haha.
Are week was like ehh. It started weak, but ended strong. We were trying to set up a time for bishop to come visit them. They tried to mute the phone, but it messed up, because we heard the conversation that Jeffry and Lilly were having. And they were basically saying that we don't understand and are too demanding. And then Jeffry just hung up. Then Lilly called us 10 minutes later, and said they don't want to be baptized, and was pretty hesitant to let us come by. We finally coaxed her to let us come by this week, so hopefully that goes well. But that was pretty depressing.
We went over and taught Steve everyday this week. That was pretty good. Really just trying to get him to quit smoking. He is struggling, but has progressed he smoked 2 cigarettes on Sunday. Which was actually improvement. But he needed to smoke none to reach his baptismal date, so we might have to move back his baptism. But that is the only thing stopping him, he loves coming to church, he has started reading the Book of Mormon more consistently, now all he has to do is just quit smoking! It is getting a little frustrating, but Satan is working on him pretty hard.
Salamasina got baptized yesterday as you probably saw from the pictures! That was awesome. It was a little worrying cause we couldn't get ahold of her or her family before church, and she had to come to be baptized. So we were getting pretty worried, but then she showed up 45 minutes after church started, but she came! So church was good, and then the baptismal service was good too afterwords. I gave the Holy Ghost talk and Elder Stevens baptized her. It was a really good service.
Transfer calls were last night. Elder Stevens is going to the Southwest LA branch in the ghetto, and I am staying here. My new companion will be Elder Frigetto, he is new and will be in only his second transfer. Otherwise I don't know anything about him. And I am going to be District Leader again, and this time it will actually be official haha. But yeah other than that not much happened. I love you and hope you have a great week! Talk to you later!

Elder Burnside

Now the January 25th letter but starts with pictures of Elder Burnside and Elder Stevens during their last night together.  Also I've included a picture that was texted to us on Sunday morning January 24th.  My sister was in California to start a cruise with her family, Sunday morning they went to the nearest ward building to attend church and guess who they ran into:)

I don't know what is up, but I am not receiving any emails today. I don't know if I am in;over or if my email just isn't working lol. But we had a pretty good week. Elder Frigetto is cool. He is from Grand Junction, Colorado. He has been out for 2 months, so he is pretty new, but he is super good.
As you heard, we say Aunt Cheri and Uncle Mark at church! That was a crazy cool surprise. I almost didn't even recognize them at first haha. I got to confirm Salamasina. That went well, she is solid and going to be an awesome member of the church.  We went and taught a girl named Stephanie this week. She is a senior in high school. And has a good faith in Jesus Christ. She was very open to hearing our message, and committed to be baptized on February 21st!! She was excited to read the Book of Mormon, but then she cancelled on our past 2 appointments. But she is pretty cool.
Steve is well.... Steve. Came to church again, but he is still smoking a couple cigarettes a day, and not reading the Book of Mormon as consistently as we want him to do. He really has the desire to be baptized, but I don't fell like he completely has a desire to quit smoking. But he is doing well, and we will slowly get him there.
We had a really good lesson with Martha this week. We read the first chapter of first Nephi with her. And she really liked it, she hadn't read because she thought it would be difficult to understand, but she said she understood the chapter perfectly. And she really liked it and wanted to keep going. So hopefully that gets her to keep reading. She shared several experience said about how she has come In contact with the church a lot through out her life, so it was cool to see how the Lord has been preparing her for a long time. She seems a lot closer to baptism, and we committed her to come to church next week. It was a good progression from the last time we met with her. So that was exciting.
In other news we got a death threat this week... Steve lives in this group home, and we showed up one day and one of the crazy people there just got up in our face about how he was going to mess us up and kill us. It was pretty sketchy, I didn't trust that guy to start. But yeah now we meet with Steve at the church instead of his house.
Anyway it was a pretty good week. Me and Elder Frigetto are doing well, and the work is going pretty good. Hope to hear from you all soon! I love you and will talk to you later!!
Elder Burnside

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