Wednesday, February 17, 2016

February 1st and 8th Letters

Well lets start with a February 1st Letter.  There are a couple pictures with Dallon, Elder Frigetto, Steve the investigator and a member named Frank.

On to the letter.  The previous week Dallon had not received our emails due to trouble with his email account and we sent the following picture of his new nephew due in June...

Yeah I got your all's emails, they just showed up about an hour after preparation day ended. I am glad you all enjoyed church and your lesson went well. That is a super cool picture!! I can't wait to be an uncle when I get back! You and the buttmunch better keep practicing basketball, I have gotten a lot better on my mission since that is pretty much all we do on P-day hahaha. Lol uh... I have no idea what I am doing for rooming for school, I will probably try to go with some of my companions, but we haven't really indepthly talked about it. I also have no idea about classes, that still seems away off! Being a district leader is good. I am over us, and the one other set of elders in our district. I just see how they are doing, go on exchanges with them and see how they are. And then the bad part is just that I have to do trainings at district meeting on Fridays. Luckily our district combines with 2 other districts, so I only have to train every 3rd
Friday. Anyway our week was solid. We are working with Steve pretty much every day. He is doing good. We had a lesson where we were very bold with him and pretty much told him he had to step up his game. So after that he said he prayed a lot and that by Yesterday he would be smoke free. Well yesterday came and he still smoked one cigarette, but it is progress. As of 12:30 today he was still smoke free, and it better stay that way! Haha. But as of now he is going to be baptized on the 14th. We took him to the Visitors Center again yesterday. He was really happy to go and enjoyed the spirit there. He also enjoyed walking around the temple, and is excited to be able to go in! So that was good. We met with Martha a couple times. We taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Word of Wisdom. Both lessons went really well. We are still trying to get her to read the Book of Mormon, she likes it and says she will do it it then it doesn't happen. We are now going to start working with her on quitting smoking, but she seems up for it, coffee seems to be a bigger concern for her. She was excited to come to church, but then wasn't able to make it because her daughter had a miscarriage :( So she had to go comfort her and stuff, but it is an experience that is helping her see the need to be baptized, and increasing her desire to be baptized. She is excited for it! We also met with Stephanie, she too hadn't read from the Book of Mormon, seems to be a common theme among investigators haha. So we read with her, and she said she has been praying about being baptized and stuff, and hasn't gotten her answer yet. So she said she would keep reading and praying, so she is doing ok.  So that was our week. We were still able to get good stuff done, even with multiple bike breakdowns. Elder Frigetto broke his spokes one day, and then the next day I broke my axle that caused problems haha. Then the day after that. We lost our phone and all of our contacts. So I definitely know that the Lord's hand is in this work, and that Satan will his try his best to stop it. But as long as we keep going in faith, he will never succeed! I love you and hope you have a great week!
Elder Burnside

On to the February 8th letter.   There are pictures of the Dallon's zone

I know it is crazy how fast it goes by! I am glad you had a good week, and one of us got enjoy the Super Bowl haha. Sounds like everything is going good and I am glad you are feeling better. That is super cool that the missionaries are having a lot of success! We are too and had an awesome week!!
We had a meeting on Tuesday where President Weidman pretty much told us that we needed to step up and visit all of our I contacted referrals. So we did and tried to contact a bunch of referrals. One of which was for a girl named Ally. So we knocked on the door, and a girl named Monique let us in. Turns out that Ally is actually her daughter and Ally had gone to church with her Dads family in Utah, and so Monique became interested in what we believed. So we taught her the Restoration and she really liked it. She really has a good faith in Christ and is willing to do whatever to follow him and help her daughter. So she committed to be baptized on March 6th! That was super good!
On Friday I got to go on exchanges with my old companion Elder Provost. That was a lot of fun, I like him. And it was pretty cool to see how we have both learned and improved since we were together last Christmas. But while I was away from the area Elder Frigetto had a couple cool contacts. We taught one named Heidi, and she is sooo prepared! She met with missionaries before and was going to be baptized until an emergency move and she lost contact with the church, but she even tells people that she is Mormon! Sadly though her parents don't really speak English so we had to refer her to the Spanish Elders. That was pretty tough to do. But during our lesson with her I had a feeling if we referred her God would really bless us. Then right after we referred her after our lesson we visited another contact Elder Frigetto had named Madeline. And we set baptismal dates with her, her husband Manny, and their 2 kids Jesse and Thomas!! It was a super cool miracle. She has been praying to God to improve her relationship with him, and for guidance, and is taking this as the answer! It was a very powerful lesson, she teared up when we shared the First Vision, and they are a very prepared family! So we are super excited for them!!
Nothing really has changed with Steve, he is still smoking a little each day. So once again we are moving his date back :/ That is getting a little frustrating. But everybody else is doing great. Joe his roommate has quit smoking and came to church and enjoyed it. He keeps all his commitments, the only problem is understanding his comments now.
Martha is doing well, she came to church and really enjoyed it. Stayed for all three hours. She has given up coffee, and is now in the same boat as Steve, and just needs to quit smoking. She is also down to just a couple a day, and is very close. So we are working with her!
But yeah that is our week, pretty solid for finding new people! Now we just need to get the ones we are already working with to quit smoking! I love you guys and hope you have a great week!! Talk to you later!
Elder Burnside

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