Wednesday, February 10, 2016

December 21 and 28 Letters

Starting with the December 21st letter and a picture of the zone at the christmas devotional

His message was short and seemed a little different.  My wife and I thought maybe he was saving it up for the Christmas morning phone call:)

I am glad you had a good week and enjoyed D.C. I am also glad I have raised Stevie right into a Jets fan hahaha. This week was amazing. We had a cool experience this week with a less active member. She has us over every week for lunch and this week she had.........a favor to she wanted us to make........fudge.......and boy did we make fudge. It tasted amazing after it was done. She is such a nice old lady. She made my last Christmas here worthwhile.........So that was cool. I also went on exchanges with Elder Alarcon. We taught this guy named Michelangelo. He was a professional boxer at one point. His record was 19-11. He was super cool. He got baptized and confirmed recently. This week was full of miracles and amazing things. Love you!!
Elder Burnside

But then right at the end of the day we got this, so I guess we were right:_)

lol my companion wrote that then we lost wifi sorry talk to you friday
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The December 28th letter

Lol I want Stevie to know he is a buttmunch haha. I am glad you all have had a good past couple days. Sounds like a fun day planned. Somebody was just telling us New Mexico got a bunch of snow, but I don't remember what that is haha.
Anyway we have had a really good week.  I will start with the one bad part of this week though. We met with Dianna, and she is doing well! She read the Book of Mormon, and while she was reading it gave her the courage to go ask her Mom if she could be baptized. But her Mom gave her a whole-hearted No... So that was sad, but we still have permission to teach her. We are going to try and teach the Mom with the Spanish elders so she can understand what it is Dianna wants to get baptized into, because the Mom only speaks Spanish.
But otherwise it was a great week. Christmas Day was awesome. Lots of delicious food, and luckily our third dinner cancelled so I was able to keep biking with out throwing up haha. After we talked to you guys (which was nice by the way) we went and visited a less active Samoan family that is trying to get some help from the ward. And while we were talking to them, we found out that they have two kids over the age of 8 who haven't been baptized, and want to be! Their names are Marcus and Salamasini, they are 10 and 12 years old. So we went back last night and taught them the restoration, and set dates with them for January 17th! It was awesome, they only problem is their house is a bit crazy haha but we were able to get it quiet enough to teach for the most part.
On Saturday we went and taught our investigator Martha. We found her a week or so ago trying to visit her brother, who was a potential of ours. We taught her the Restoration all the way through finally, and committed her to be baptized on the 7th of February! It was a very soft commitment though, because she was hesitant. But we can work with her, and it will hopefully work out. They got the cutest little puppy the day before we came over, and he slept on my lap the whole lesson. So Jet has competition now lol. 
Also on Saturday our mission President woke up in the morning and had the revelation that we needed to talk to 20 people that day and invite 3 people to be baptized, and the Lord would really bless our areas. It was cool because the Lord up people in our path to help us reach that goal. After district meeting we ran into a guy named Jimmy on the street, very briefly taught him the restoration and invited him to be baptized, and he sad yes. We were suppose to meet him after church on Sunday but then he didn't show. At 9 it was time to go in, and we had talked to 18 people and invited 2 people to be baptized. But as we were biking back to the apartment the Lord put two people in our paths to talk to, and we set up return appointments with both, and one committed to be baptized. It was just really cool to see the Lord provide for us to meet our goal, but only as we stepped forward with faith.
Well I hope you all have a good week. I hope you enjoy this letter that was actually written by me lol. I will talk to you later! Love you!!
Elder Burnside

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